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I am a YouTube addict, I’ll admit it. My parents would say it’s at the extent that I even need to go to special meetings because of it. But as I promised a post today and I thought it appropriate to make a post about my favourite Youtubers, so in no particular order;


Probably one of the most hilarious youtubers I’ve came across in a while. The things she says in her videos about What Girls Do…etc. I quit literally l of my chair laughing- invented the ‘go away’ face
Recommend: How to get guys to like you, How to avoid talking to people you don’t want to talk to


Damn funny student from Sheffield, he isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea but I love him anyway. Tends to talk shit a lot (He made a Justin Bieber parody of Boyfriend called “If I had a penis”- take that as you will) and has a hilarious talent when it comes to narrating gaming videos
Recommend: The Experiment, YouTube Survey 2011!, The Carnage Continues


Another British YouTuber that brightens up your day with anecdotes about his unbelievably awkward facepalm-worthy life and a constant reminder that no matter how shit your life is, Dan Howell’s is somehow more so.
Recommended: How I Got Fired, Left-Handism


Does Natalie Tran need any introduction whatsoever? I mean really? Where have you been if you’ve not heard of her? My mum rates her.
Recommend: All of it!


Musician first and YouTuber second, Alex Day’s single Forever Yours peaked at Number 4 on the Uk Christmas Charts. He doesn’t give a damn what people think of him, made his own card game, founded a band that sings about Doctor Who, lives with Charlieissocoollike, and has a liking for Taylor Swift. Awesomeness on a whole new level.
Recommend: Lady Godiva, Embarrassing teenager

I could list so many more; Charlieissocoollike, amazingphil, nigahiga, but I simply can’t be bothered my lazy ass. Haha, and links to videos? You obviously have working internet, google it yourself.
That’s all for today so I’ll see you all sometime after the weekend.

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