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The Experience

Wow, would you think it’s been a year since I set this shit up? And look what’s happened since then. I told you guys about One Direction, now they’ve taken over the whole fucking planet. I dyed my hair red this time last year, and it’s really been something I regret with every inch of my being, as its completely ruined my hair. 


Well as there’s so much i could possibly say, i suppose I better start with something rather comical. 

So basically, a nightclub where I live has an under eighteen night every so often, and of course my friends had been bugging me bugging me to go with them too. Eventually the night came about, and this venture began.

So my friend (who has been before to this place on many an occasion) walk in and BOOM hit with wave 5ft boys that smelt like hair gel and gravy and girls with bright orange complexions, bright pink lips and the darkest eyeliner I’ve ever seen in my life (that was no make up, that was fucking war paint). Bright lights, loud music and security at every corner watching our every moves, i couldn’t help but laugh and marvel and the outfits and behavior  of what represented people my age.

In all honesty it was like Animal Planet or some shit. and then, i was approached.

A boy that looked more pond life that human basically asked me to ‘make out’ with him. What did I say? NO. And i did the entire night.

But this was like some sort of sport for these people. Kissing going on everywhere I looked and god knows what going on everywhere else. I know maybe you reading this won’t find it particularly hilarious, but i was for me. And all i want to know now is, what the fuck were those poor security men thinking that whole time.

But really? is this how my generation is going to be depicted? I’ll never understand why we get so much shit for the things we do, because as far as I can gather, my parents did the exact same things we did.


They, however, did not get caught.

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Hi there
So this is my first blog and I have no idea whatsoever to write!
As it is my first, don’t be expecting anything too special, I mean, this things all new to me.

The purpose of my ‘blogging’ or what ever?

Well I believe there’s this massive miss-conception when it’s comes to teenage girls such as myself- were expected to be frivolous or giggly and think only about make up and the likes of Justin Bieber (more on HIM later, let’s just say, when it comes to the biebster, I got opinions) when really, us girls do have opinions on the serious stuff too.

That and it looks like a laugh, and I like a laugh.

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