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That’s What She Said

Wow, again, I really need to get regular with these blog posts again.

You will never believe what I’m about to say- The sun in actually SHINING, and it’s MODERATELY WARM in Ireland! *Bbm shocked face* Yes, I know, freak weather indeed.

I’ve always tried to be a bit of a comedienne but recently my usage of That’s what she said is spiralling out of control, my friends have warned me if i don’t stop I’ll die alone. Pfft, yeah like it wasn’t gonna happen anyways.

Realised how crap I am at FIFA on Xbox when I was the goalie and I scored an own goal. Hey, looks like I’m not half male after all.
Speaking of sport, how crap am I at tennis? I hit the ball ‘straight’ and it ends up hitting the person in the court to my right.

Wow, looks like One Direction are doing well for themselves…

One more day and then no school for two weeks and I can actually enjoy these phenomenal weather conditions – I swear its 18 Celsius and half of the country thinks the place with be arid by the time the week ends. But anyways, I’ll see you lot again on TUESDAY (I promise…ish)

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Seven Things That made Me Laugh in the Past Month

Okay okay I couldn’t wait! I was on a ROLL! So here it is,

Seven Things That Made me Laugh in the Past Month

1. They put subtitles on the tv for when Damian Mcginty spoke on Glee Project- you’d expect me to understand him as we come from the same country- but he’s a Londonderry/Derry city lad, a whole different species of regional accent altogether.

2. The new Compare The Market adverts, I just love those meerkats, such frigging genius

3. Attempting to say ‘sausages’ with my Tongue on the roof of my mouth…. Ok who tried?

4. That moment when I’m laughing hysterically, snort , then end up laughing even harder cuz I snorted

5. When I made a really awkward situation even more awkward by saying “awwk-ward!”

6. The Facebook page “Nobody’s perfect, but being Irish is close enough,”

7. Kelly Rowland on X factor, enough said.

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Bored Blog – Opinions needed

Ugh I hate this feeling, its like I’m in the mood for blogging yet I have nothing to rant about and can’t be half arsed.

I have a few ideas for blogs but they require effort and links and pictures and uploads and research and stuff- as i compose 99.9% of my blogs via iPod app, I respond to comments etc as quick as I do, I’m ALWAYS connected. 😉

Oh and I am kind of working on this feature thing, but I need your help,

One idea is as my life is SOOOOO eventful (something called sarcasm there) I could give you some snippets of conversation with my friends.

Another is something called Seven Things when I give you like seven facts or seven things you need to know about…. Etc.

Or every so often I could focus on one word in the Northern Irish slang and give you Info on it.

So what do you think? It’s simple.. But need your opinion.
So are you opinionated? Yes? Good, I need your personality trait urgently.
You know what to do 🙂

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Telly, comedy and inside my brain

I’ve got the inkling to make a blog but I have no idea what to say.

Nothing particularly exciting happened today, I managed not to embarrass myself again.
There is something I’d like to bring up but I’m feeling its too personal to me and would upset too many people.
I’ve realised it’s more blogs about things that actually go on in my life are more my ‘forte’. I suppose it’s because anecdotes let you, the reader, see what’s actually going on inside my head- which you should actually be pretty proud of yourself if you understand my brain, as I am really…strange.

Am I the only person who really thinks Big Brother is genius television? Putting Jedward ( jedward- the idiot twins that represented Ireland in Eurovision, I recommend you google them) in there was the worst decision ever as it’s became all about them, and I’m telling you now, they will win. They make me ashamed to call myself Irish.

On the subject of being Irish, isn’t Dara O’briain the best thing to come out this place since Guinness? That guy never fails to make me laugh , it’s the Irish humour- cause us leprechauns are legends, so we are. If you haven’t heard of him you should deffo check him out on YouTube (look for his joke about disciplining children, I never laughed so hard).
No offence to anyone, but he does tend to appeal to Uk and Irish audiences more than any other. I may be wrong, but just from experience.

Dara O’briain brings me on to Mock the Week- *The* best show on television.
It’s pure genius, and it’s safe to say everyones favourite game is Scenes We’d Like To See.
The following are my favourite lines

“I personally think elephants are too protected- well I say that from my ivory tower….”

” the following episode of Songs of Praise contains strong language and scenes of a sexual nature”

” if you’ve been affected by the issues raised on Balamory…”

“Nemo! Where the f*ck were you?”

“and William of Orange leads the way…followed by Vodafone and O2”

“talk about benefits fraud….I went to Glee Live and the one in the wheelchair got up and started to dance!”

There’s plenty more and I could go on forever. It’s bloody good television.

I’m loving John Bishop at the moment too.
The things he says about Liverpool makes me crack up, for example, that every family must have a van by law- genius and that teenage boys sound like Scooby doo when their voices break.

So there you go, hope that keeps you happy- cheerio!

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City slicker wannabe

I live in the middle of the country. And yeah, it’s quiet and stuff, but there’s not a great lot to do.

Today, since it was a bank holiday and everything, dad decided to take us all to Belfast for the day.
In Belfast theres a huge centre called The Odyssey, (think London’s O2 on a much smaller scale) and
inside there’s clubs, pubs cafes restaurants cinemas The Arena (that also plays host to Ice Hockey champions The Belfast Giants FYI) and W5.
W5 is a kind of science experimental museum thingy, that explains science in a way that’s fun and practical for children, using exhibits and computers and the like. (it has a musical staircase- it sounds EPIC when there’s like, 30 people walking up and down at once).
After we were done there, we headed to Victoria Square Shopping centre ( a massive shopping centre in the middle of the city with Northern Irelands only House of Fraser)- but on our way out, father dearest decide it would be a good time to forget where the car was parked… Oh such fun!!!
After looking at the city as we drove through it, I couldn’t help but marvel at how busy and bustling it was. Compared to my pretty crappy hometown, it was such a contrast. I love cities, I don’t know why, I just love finding out new things and with cities you constantly have your finger on the pulse. So at that moment, looking up at the horrendous architecture that is Belfast City Hospital, I promised myself I’d live in a city someday.
I’ve only been to London once, but I was eight years old, it was Easter and snowing with the heating broken in our hotel room- it’s looks like an awesome place to go too, landmarks, history. And not forgetting very attractive accents.
But the ultimatum is New York, it’s always always ALWAYS been somewhere I’ve wanted to go for as long as I can remember. The lights, the smoke, yellow cabs, Broadway. It’s just dazzling.

“you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl”????
No, my fine fellow, you’re incorrect, you have no idea how easily country is extracted from my being.

As per usual, any opinions are welcome below. Or if you’d like any more info on where I come from or what I did (I would have no idea why) I’d happily tell you more.

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