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Proof of Existence

No, readers, your eyes do not deceive you, this really is a blog post…by me.

I’m sorry, okay, it’s just, well you know the story-  a lot of shits been going down recently. My family is pissed off for variety of reasons, my friends were pissed off for a variety of reasons (one of them being me) and I was pissed off for all of the above.  But don’t expect me to start writing depressed Facebook status’ ( I got twitter now #lolzzz (Go on, try and find me, and get a special prize) this in turn means Facebook can do a bebo and die, essentially.

Just to sum up how LONG I’ve been ignoring you all let go through what’s happened since I was last on here shall we;

  • One Direction are just about everywhere, bitches, I found them first
  • I discovered a multitude of Youtubers: Bertiebertg, Sezrules, Bribry etc, etc.
  • Demi Lovato skyped Niall Horan an the world went insane
  • I discovered Bribry and I went insane ( Sum Me Up is such a good song, I just cant take it anymore)
  • Call Me Maybe. Enough said.
  • I saw The Avengers (or as it’s called in the UK for some extremelyirrelevant reason ‘Marvel’s Avengers Assemble) and went into 100% Iron Man/Thor/Captain America/ Hawkeye’s shite/Robert Downey Jr > Life/asdfghj rampage.
  • I sat exams – I shan’t go in to the gory details, all is best forgotten.
  • Being British is now apparently something to be proud of, 2012 means The Jubilee and The Olympics etc. But hold on, when we reach January 1st 2013, the government and everyone else will be thinking WHAT THE FUCK WILL WE DO NOW?! 
  • Also, the government has no money, supposedly, yet I question who paid for Will.I.Am ( also known as ‘That’s dope’ or ‘William’) to jump about a stage on top of a fountain?
  • The Voice turned into X Factor in a shockingly short amount of time.
  • Miley Cyrus got engaged. Yep.

You know your life has reached the peak of RIVETING when you’re watching Cash in The Attic on a Sunday evening pr-evening. Bazinga.


I went to church today. I could FEEL the eyes of pensioners judging and analysing my being. I sat with my Dad, another non-church goer, and we sat trying not to laugh. Also, I got stopped in the street by ‘Do you have moment for God?’ and I stood there awkwardly while Christian friend chatted with him happily. It’s a sign. Amen.


I got a Blackberry and I’ve hated myself ever since, seriously, it’s just terrible, I switching to IPhone as soon as I possibly can.

Anyway, this blog had no particular topic other than letting you all know I was alive. Alright then. Bye.

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Not worth reading, to be honest

I feel like I should write a blog today, like it’s my duty, but I’m just not in the mood. I kinda had a crap day (it’s too complicated to blog about, too many people involved and twists and turns in the situation) and I just want to disintegrate on the sofa with an endless supply of Sprite Zero and Malteasers until a better option comes along.

I can’t say seven things went down good or not, I ain’t got no comments or nothing.

But stay tuned dudes, stay tuned. I’ll get back in a grove again. A positive grove. Time for some weekend head-mending.

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Seven Things That made Me Laugh in the Past Month

Okay okay I couldn’t wait! I was on a ROLL! So here it is,

Seven Things That Made me Laugh in the Past Month

1. They put subtitles on the tv for when Damian Mcginty spoke on Glee Project- you’d expect me to understand him as we come from the same country- but he’s a Londonderry/Derry city lad, a whole different species of regional accent altogether.

2. The new Compare The Market adverts, I just love those meerkats, such frigging genius

3. Attempting to say ‘sausages’ with my Tongue on the roof of my mouth…. Ok who tried?

4. That moment when I’m laughing hysterically, snort , then end up laughing even harder cuz I snorted

5. When I made a really awkward situation even more awkward by saying “awwk-ward!”

6. The Facebook page “Nobody’s perfect, but being Irish is close enough,”

7. Kelly Rowland on X factor, enough said.

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Say Hello to 7 things!

So after a long think and some really brilliant (really REALLY brilliant) feedback from you lot (thanks by the way, you’ve helped so much) I introduce to you all, 7 Things!

I thought about five things, but that was too much a rounded number, ten was too much altogether, so seven seemed just right- like goldilocks and the three frigging bears.

I’ll try my best to do this around about once a week, but as this is now a feature thing, I’ll really not put a blog “out there” until I’m extra proud of it, as it is something unique to this blog in particular (as far as my knowledge tells me).

As I’ve said before, it’ll be seven little snippets of information or advice with added attempt of humour. I’m currently putting some drafts about, so don’t be expecting anything too soon. Ok, so this was just a little ‘heads up’ on the whole situation.

more suggestions would be perfect, although I do have about enough to last me about six months.

Stay tuned!

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Bored Blog – Opinions needed

Ugh I hate this feeling, its like I’m in the mood for blogging yet I have nothing to rant about and can’t be half arsed.

I have a few ideas for blogs but they require effort and links and pictures and uploads and research and stuff- as i compose 99.9% of my blogs via iPod app, I respond to comments etc as quick as I do, I’m ALWAYS connected. 😉

Oh and I am kind of working on this feature thing, but I need your help,

One idea is as my life is SOOOOO eventful (something called sarcasm there) I could give you some snippets of conversation with my friends.

Another is something called Seven Things when I give you like seven facts or seven things you need to know about…. Etc.

Or every so often I could focus on one word in the Northern Irish slang and give you Info on it.

So what do you think? It’s simple.. But need your opinion.
So are you opinionated? Yes? Good, I need your personality trait urgently.
You know what to do 🙂

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Okay okay okay! Third post of the day but things came into my head that need shared!

Did anyone look up Jedward or Dara O’briein or John Bishop? What did you think?! I need to know!

And I have an idea for a kinda weekly feature thing but I’m working on it. Won’t be anything special but like I said, Im working on it.

Keep you posted!

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Telly, comedy and inside my brain

I’ve got the inkling to make a blog but I have no idea what to say.

Nothing particularly exciting happened today, I managed not to embarrass myself again.
There is something I’d like to bring up but I’m feeling its too personal to me and would upset too many people.
I’ve realised it’s more blogs about things that actually go on in my life are more my ‘forte’. I suppose it’s because anecdotes let you, the reader, see what’s actually going on inside my head- which you should actually be pretty proud of yourself if you understand my brain, as I am really…strange.

Am I the only person who really thinks Big Brother is genius television? Putting Jedward ( jedward- the idiot twins that represented Ireland in Eurovision, I recommend you google them) in there was the worst decision ever as it’s became all about them, and I’m telling you now, they will win. They make me ashamed to call myself Irish.

On the subject of being Irish, isn’t Dara O’briain the best thing to come out this place since Guinness? That guy never fails to make me laugh , it’s the Irish humour- cause us leprechauns are legends, so we are. If you haven’t heard of him you should deffo check him out on YouTube (look for his joke about disciplining children, I never laughed so hard).
No offence to anyone, but he does tend to appeal to Uk and Irish audiences more than any other. I may be wrong, but just from experience.

Dara O’briain brings me on to Mock the Week- *The* best show on television.
It’s pure genius, and it’s safe to say everyones favourite game is Scenes We’d Like To See.
The following are my favourite lines

“I personally think elephants are too protected- well I say that from my ivory tower….”

” the following episode of Songs of Praise contains strong language and scenes of a sexual nature”

” if you’ve been affected by the issues raised on Balamory…”

“Nemo! Where the f*ck were you?”

“and William of Orange leads the way…followed by Vodafone and O2”

“talk about benefits fraud….I went to Glee Live and the one in the wheelchair got up and started to dance!”

There’s plenty more and I could go on forever. It’s bloody good television.

I’m loving John Bishop at the moment too.
The things he says about Liverpool makes me crack up, for example, that every family must have a van by law- genius and that teenage boys sound like Scooby doo when their voices break.

So there you go, hope that keeps you happy- cheerio!

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Birthday predicament

Yeah- as the title says, I kinda have a dilemma.
Im feeling like My mum is pressuring me to do something for my birthday, and I said I didn’t really want to do anything just to avoid fuss as I had a pretty rough year, and invites would certainly cause arguments.

This of course, is a lie, I’d love to get like, my entire class (give or take two or three) round my house for something really immature like fancy dress or a bouncy castle!
My problem is that I have to please everyone, I’ve noticed that this need to be little miss friendly with everyone is more a downfall and actually causes me to appear two-faced.
So after I told my mum that Id just throw an open invite to the movies or something, she suggested that I chose five friends max. To get dinner at a restaurant beforehand – her treat.
At first I fretted, if I invite this person, I’ll have to invite that person or if I don’t invite so-and-so, whats-her-face won’t come.
But I realised, half these people I’m worrying about don’t give a crap about me. It’s my birthday and after the year I’ve had, I’m gonna have a good time and not sacrifice fun for the sake of being “nice”.
So I’ve made my decision, I’ve picked five friends, and I’ll tell the appropriate people to come to the cinema that Saturday night, and if anyone questions my actions, I’ll tell them straight . I have a pretty good idea about who might crash the party or ask me why they didn’t hear about it- so I’m mentally preparing.

I’ve got myself in a good state of mind and I’m proud of myself.
I shouldn’t need to be friends with everyone, it’s not good for a person, so, I’m mentally rehearsing phrases along the lines of “…..because were not really friends anymore ….”
It’s time for me to be honest, not a beeyatch, just honest.

And I leave you with these Wise words,

“that’s what the world needs- more bastards”

Ah the wise wisdom of Alex Day!

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Wow- thanks

Just checked my stats, I got 15 hits yesterday, wow, thanks, cool!
As you know I was a little bit depressed about only getting a few hits, but this has just made my day, thank you so much.
And please, I live on your feedback! Comment or something, if you don’t like it, tell me, if you have any ideas or suggestions for Topics I’d really really love to hear them.
I’m begging, comment pretty pretty please.

And thanks again, you’ve made one person smile today.

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Hi there
So this is my first blog and I have no idea whatsoever to write!
As it is my first, don’t be expecting anything too special, I mean, this things all new to me.

The purpose of my ‘blogging’ or what ever?

Well I believe there’s this massive miss-conception when it’s comes to teenage girls such as myself- were expected to be frivolous or giggly and think only about make up and the likes of Justin Bieber (more on HIM later, let’s just say, when it comes to the biebster, I got opinions) when really, us girls do have opinions on the serious stuff too.

That and it looks like a laugh, and I like a laugh.

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