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So, to anyone that’s reading this




and if i happened to pop up in someone’s email inbox because they forgot they had a wordpress account, hello to you too.


I forgot i had this blog. I forgot how long it took me to think of the username ‘misseejit’. I forgot every like and comment I got made me feel like someone was actually listening, or reading anyway. I forgot how the prospect that anyone in the world could be reading this right now made me really happy.

I read through each and every single one of my past posts today, and honestly? I was proud of myself, ha, weird isn’t it? I thought i might read anything I wrote when I was 13 and die and unbelievable death by embarrassment.  But no, I actually think 13 year old Hannah did a pretty good job, I think her writing style wasn’t perfect but it’s far from excruciatingly painful. 

I actually read some of the little quips and jokes I made and was sort of charmed, it was really endearing as in reality, I don’t think I could come up with half those things today. And whilst I failed to get a subscription number in double figures at least, this whole thing was really fun.


So hi there, this is Hannah, and this is probably the last post on this blog, ever. why? I have plans. Big plans, insomuch I hope I’ll tell someone about a stupid blog I set up when i was 12 that no one read and for a few months it was the best thing in the world. So adios, for a little while anyway.


Hating Everything

Hello to the three people who may or may not have made the effort to read this. What’s new with you all?

The new Mumford and Sons album was released in September and I can tell you I have been listening to Babel and all its glory. One of the best albums of all time frankly. But that’s just my opinion of course. Below My Feet, Hopeless Wanderer, Babel and I Will Wait are all complete triumphs, will the others require a little more time to connect with. Collectively, they may or may not be better than Roll Away Your Stone and The Cave. Maybe.

My other musical discoveries are Lana Del Rey, whose voice is its own class of beautiful and mesmerising.  The Vaccines, who really should write more songs like Norgaard. Jake Bugg’s new album is world class, every last song is AMAZING.  And Frank Ocean….ok, here’s the thing with old Franky babes, the only songs on Channel Orange I can say I actually like are Forrest Gump and Super Rich Kids. Sorry not sorry. Jay-Z and Kanye West and Watch The Throne Is one album I didn’t expect myself to love really. But Ni***s in Paris? Enough said.


I tell you what irritates me too, it gets dark too freaking quickly recently. I’ve just finished homework and all I see out the window are freaking street lights. And my dogs. They glow in the dark.


What I’m about to say may be extremely awful but since I was really really really young I’ve always prided myself on being a positive person. But recently, I’ve realised how much I hate everything. Seriously. I moan and complain and end up all moody and shit over seriously petty things I would never have got bothered over this time last year. Lets just break it down into a list very briefly

  • Slow walkers in the corridor or on the street need a rocketship placed up their asses, maybe that’ll make them walk a little faster.
  • Hollister Clothing, because putting a bird on a pair of jeans allows them to be 250% more expensive than normal.
  • When people counteract sarcastic comments with a crafty reply of their own. Sly cretins.
  • When people make an indirect-yet-direct comment about one of your flaws. You know, when they make that same joke they do everyday about your really loud laugh or nervous habit of fiddling with your hair. Did you really think that was just a joke?
  • People that copy you
  • People that laugh over things that aren’t that funny. Yes, that boy tripped up the stairs, can we please get on with our lives?
  • People that try to tell you a “hilarious” story of something that happened to something you weren’t invited to. Does this face look like its gives a damn how funny it was?
  • ‘like for likes’ or any of that shit on facebook


And that’s just a brief description of the things that make my blood boil on a daily basis.

(Not that anyone gives a damn) leave a comment telling me of really stupid things that get you angry. I care, really, I do.

The Experience

Wow, would you think it’s been a year since I set this shit up? And look what’s happened since then. I told you guys about One Direction, now they’ve taken over the whole fucking planet. I dyed my hair red this time last year, and it’s really been something I regret with every inch of my being, as its completely ruined my hair. 


Well as there’s so much i could possibly say, i suppose I better start with something rather comical. 

So basically, a nightclub where I live has an under eighteen night every so often, and of course my friends had been bugging me bugging me to go with them too. Eventually the night came about, and this venture began.

So my friend (who has been before to this place on many an occasion) walk in and BOOM hit with wave 5ft boys that smelt like hair gel and gravy and girls with bright orange complexions, bright pink lips and the darkest eyeliner I’ve ever seen in my life (that was no make up, that was fucking war paint). Bright lights, loud music and security at every corner watching our every moves, i couldn’t help but laugh and marvel and the outfits and behavior  of what represented people my age.

In all honesty it was like Animal Planet or some shit. and then, i was approached.

A boy that looked more pond life that human basically asked me to ‘make out’ with him. What did I say? NO. And i did the entire night.

But this was like some sort of sport for these people. Kissing going on everywhere I looked and god knows what going on everywhere else. I know maybe you reading this won’t find it particularly hilarious, but i was for me. And all i want to know now is, what the fuck were those poor security men thinking that whole time.

But really? is this how my generation is going to be depicted? I’ll never understand why we get so much shit for the things we do, because as far as I can gather, my parents did the exact same things we did.


They, however, did not get caught.

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Proof of Existence

No, readers, your eyes do not deceive you, this really is a blog post…by me.

I’m sorry, okay, it’s just, well you know the story-  a lot of shits been going down recently. My family is pissed off for variety of reasons, my friends were pissed off for a variety of reasons (one of them being me) and I was pissed off for all of the above.  But don’t expect me to start writing depressed Facebook status’ ( I got twitter now #lolzzz (Go on, try and find me, and get a special prize) this in turn means Facebook can do a bebo and die, essentially.

Just to sum up how LONG I’ve been ignoring you all let go through what’s happened since I was last on here shall we;

  • One Direction are just about everywhere, bitches, I found them first
  • I discovered a multitude of Youtubers: Bertiebertg, Sezrules, Bribry etc, etc.
  • Demi Lovato skyped Niall Horan an the world went insane
  • I discovered Bribry and I went insane ( Sum Me Up is such a good song, I just cant take it anymore)
  • Call Me Maybe. Enough said.
  • I saw The Avengers (or as it’s called in the UK for some extremelyirrelevant reason ‘Marvel’s Avengers Assemble) and went into 100% Iron Man/Thor/Captain America/ Hawkeye’s shite/Robert Downey Jr > Life/asdfghj rampage.
  • I sat exams – I shan’t go in to the gory details, all is best forgotten.
  • Being British is now apparently something to be proud of, 2012 means The Jubilee and The Olympics etc. But hold on, when we reach January 1st 2013, the government and everyone else will be thinking WHAT THE FUCK WILL WE DO NOW?! 
  • Also, the government has no money, supposedly, yet I question who paid for Will.I.Am ( also known as ‘That’s dope’ or ‘William’) to jump about a stage on top of a fountain?
  • The Voice turned into X Factor in a shockingly short amount of time.
  • Miley Cyrus got engaged. Yep.

You know your life has reached the peak of RIVETING when you’re watching Cash in The Attic on a Sunday evening pr-evening. Bazinga.


I went to church today. I could FEEL the eyes of pensioners judging and analysing my being. I sat with my Dad, another non-church goer, and we sat trying not to laugh. Also, I got stopped in the street by ‘Do you have moment for God?’ and I stood there awkwardly while Christian friend chatted with him happily. It’s a sign. Amen.


I got a Blackberry and I’ve hated myself ever since, seriously, it’s just terrible, I switching to IPhone as soon as I possibly can.

Anyway, this blog had no particular topic other than letting you all know I was alive. Alright then. Bye.

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Twihards as loca as my hair

Remember how I said I was dying my hair from red to brown?
Yeah well that totally failed.

So went through the whole process, then rinsed…why is the water red? I thought but then I dismissed it as the dye itself…
Then I dryed my hair, and under the glow of my bedroom light I could have swore my hair was glowing red, and resembling a nuclear strawberry.


I figured the stuff in the new dye that kinda ‘awakens’ the colour kinda ‘awoke’ what was left of the red dye in my hair so it’s mixed with the new dye making one hell of hot damn mess.
But I’ll say, I’m growing towards it, although some of my relatives have reacted negatively towards it but hey, I wasn’t trying to impress them was I?
So I’ll never be a hairdresser…that’s one gem of a talent lost to the industry.

I’m sitting up in my room with a large Fanta from McDonalds because I’m fat and live off the stuff. I really shouldn’t be drinking it as it might stain my teeth, thanks to the monstrosity of craftsmanship inserted in my mouth…more commonly referred to as braces.

You’ll be delighted to know (I expect you to care about these things) that my Design Technology grades have increased significantly but on the downside my French grades have suffered. I’m beginning to hate that subject, French, it’s bugging me that schools focus more on the grammar and written part rather than the actual speaking…really we’d need to be able to speak French in business and employment more overall, non?

Also, I had an idea for another blog. Yet again- see? I’m always on the go, always my genius is at present work.
It’s been my ambition for a long long long time to somehow write a story or a novel of some sort. I have a few ideas… And I can promise you many things

  • No vampires whatsoever
  • No boy obsessed over dramatic sleepover clubs
  • No obvious endings
  • Attempts at humour
  • A slight dose of exaggeration of actual events
  • Or at least I’ll try to achieve the above. The vampire thing is an absolute promise, I know a girl who bought her ticket for Breaking Dawn on Tuesday…so she could go and see it on Friday. Loca loca people.
    Tell me what you think. If you guys like it it’ll go ahead for sure, if you think it’s crap vice versa.

    And I called my friend Johnny, and I said “Johnny, what the hell is up with these Twihard freaks?”

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    I’m begging, please

    Ok, so if your reading this, I need your help.

    The amount of people viewing my blog has gone up considerably in the past few weeks, and well, I’m lacking feedback.

    Honest to god, this blog survives on comments, please please comment if you read it, be brutally honest I NEED to know.

    For example, do you prefer me ranting about stuff and giving my opinions, or do you like stuff related and about my life – actual occurrences in my mundane existence.

    I’m begging for feedback, and suggestions. Please, it would make me so happy. Even if your telling me how shite I am.

    Suggestions welcome, I love hearing about what you think or any of your experiences concerning or related to the blog.

    So please just comment, on any blog.

    Please? Pretty please?

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    I’ll be a psychotherapist- cuz I’m soooooo qualified

    I’ve inherited a new role. One I didn’t exactly apply for. One I didn’t expect and one I’m most certainly not qualified for. It’s nothing official, but I have noticed the amount of people coming to me for advice.
    I’m the last person to come to for advice. Absolutely one hundred percent. And half of the advice I’m asked for is about relationships. Honest to god this confuses me, I mean, I’ve never been in a relationship, And whenever I’ve got anywhere close to one, it goes pear shaped at the last moment.
    Why are people asking me all this? I’m awful for giving advice! I always manage to miss a detail of a situation or something and give the wrong advice altogether.
    I feel so unqualified. I’m flattered about people trusting me, but uncomfortable that their taking advice from me.
    It’s just…. Strange. I could be telling them the wrong thing altogether.
    I’m just saying, if your gonna ask me about stuff, make sure your confident enough to listen to the answer.

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    Things change, people turn nasty

    Well yesterday I started life as a second year in secondary school (or “year 9” if your my head-of-year, stupidest name ever, and yes, I said stupidest).
    In second year, your split into classes based on how you performed the year before, (my schools claims that its about “an individual’s level of independent ability”, but we all know we’re ranked according to grading and marks). Luckily, I was placed in a good class ( i did a victory dance) and I’ve kept the teachers I want for specific subjects, and I’ve managed to avoid the teachers I didn’t want.
    I actually couldn’t wish for better classmates if I tried, all the boys in my class are all lads I’m really friendly with (yes!!!) and the girls are brilliant too.
    In the last year I’ve had a bit of tough time where friends are concerned. For the first few months I stuck with a few girls I knew and one of my original best friends from primary school (the other one decided this was her time to be lil miss ‘it’ girl but we won’t go into that).
    After a while, one friend began to cause trouble with me specifically. For a while I was pretty miserable. Mutual friends in that group of friends saw what was happening, yet didn’t step up to defend me once, and if I was to hit back with an equally painful insult or slag, the tables would turn and I’d be the big bad bull. as I became more and more friendly with another (more popular, fun and outgoing) group of friends, who actually wanted me around, and after a huge fall out and betrayal of trust (let’s say some people showed their true colours), i moved locker, deleted numbers and Facebook friends (Oh drama!) and blocked out any gossip and bitching that was to or about me.
    I did and said a few things I’m not particularly proud of, but I kinda had to say those things in order to actually gather up the courage to say “look, you made my life a misery the past year, you pushed me away, but then when i do hang about with someone else, you beg me to be friends again, so I’m done with you, I’m gone, you made me feel like shit, but I’ve found people who want me around, who understand me and listen and appreciate me, an if you can’t accept that, it’s your problem,” (actual words).
    My new class has moved me (somewhat) away from (most of) that group I once called friends, but I’ve found new friends, who I actually think will be with me for life.
    But them haters are always gonna hate, but the fact that I focused my frustration on my studies, paid off so feckin’ much I kind of wouldn’t change anything about 2010/2011, I mean it was pretty shit 75% of the time, but then I’m not a kind of person that likes to look to the past.

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    Hell to the no!

    For fecks sake!

    I had a really long post written about religion an my views on it and my iPod decided to be a bitch and delete the draft!
    This is so frustrating! It was really long and I was really proud of it! I had everything just right! Damn you Apple, STEVE JOBBS WAS THE GLUE THAT HELD YOU TOGETHER!

    Feck sake lawds! Feck sake!


    Why Males aren’t as complicated as we think

    Any girl who is at least thirteen, or maybe even younger should have at least one boy as a one of their closest friends.
    I can honestly say I prefer boys to girls, I’m not very Girly, I spend my life in skinny jeans and converse- and completely proud of it. With girls, I feel you constantly have to keep up standards, even with friends, you always feel pressure to keep being the funny one or the ditsy one, or the clumsy one
    ( in my case its the sarcastic ever so slightly neurotic, nerdy one) .
    With male kind, conversation is 60% about banter 30% about sport and 10% about girls (and frankly, I love those odds)
    The banter part is where I’m ‘at’.
    I have quite a masculine sense of humour, sitting up late, watching stand up on tv with my dad, Mock the Week, Live at the Apollo, you name it, I’ve Sky+’d it.
    Boys get it, they get the jokes, unlike females, they aren’t afraid to say stuff without being afraid of sounding stupid!
    My girlfriends think I’m crazy, they can’t understand why all I see when I look at my boy-mates is a friend, they don’t see why I don’t flirt or see these alien species as some kind of puzzle.
    But they’re not puzzles. I Don’t understand why all these girl magazines say stuff like “10 things to make him LOOOVE YOU!” or “Body language signs he’s soo into you” It kind of bugs me… I mean, their not fricken animals, their just people.
    I mean, I get offended boys drooling over girls in ,ahem, certain magazines, so can’t imagine what’s it like when they realise their every move is being analysed, it’s pretty weird.
    Also, less arguments with boys!
    Girls have an awful habit of stretching the truth and making things more complicated by adding and subtracting to situations. Constant bitching, something I just can’t stand.
    When it comes to disagreements, and the following is a quote from a boy-mate of mine, “girls make it into such a drama… Boys just shout at each other or punch and it’s over” ( LOL)

    But be wary, some people, when they see a boy and a girl having a good time, assume their dating or their something other than friendship. This happens to me every single day of my school life, my closest boy is a laugh, and I like a laugh, yet people are always trying to get us to date.
    (and frankly, i shudder at the thought). He’s like my brother!

    So, Breaking News, Boys aren’t as complicated as their made out to be.
    It’s all inside our heads ladies.
    I’m not saying I’ve got them 100% sussed out, but I hope I’m half way there.

    Any thoughts? I wanna hear them- you know what to do.

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