A little bit about the Randomer

Hello there! Well as the title says, this little thingymabobber is my effort to describe myself so here it goes!

I’d like to say I’m ‘a typical teen’ but really I don’t understand that phrase, as I don’t see the concept of ‘normal’ as being relevant.
I started blogging kind of accidentally, I stumbled across WordPress when I was online, bored, one summer and “Meh, What do I have to loose?”
So here I am, and your reading this, and trying to understand me.

I do purposely throw some local dialect in my post to try and confuse your (mostly) American brains. If I mention ‘craic’ (pronounced crack) I’m talking about fun, If I say Feck….well just replace the vowel and you’ll have your answer. Feel free to query me on some local slang and I’ll happily tell you of it’s a spelling mistake or a genuine word I use in my day to day life.

Well there you go! Hope you have fun reading my posts and reading In between all the brackets and stuff.
Enjoy and comment and like til your heart’s content!


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