So, to anyone that’s reading this




and if i happened to pop up in someone’s email inbox because they forgot they had a wordpress account, hello to you too.


I forgot i had this blog. I forgot how long it took me to think of the username ‘misseejit’. I forgot every like and comment I got made me feel like someone was actually listening, or reading anyway. I forgot how the prospect that anyone in the world could be reading this right now made me really happy.

I read through each and every single one of my past posts today, and honestly? I was proud of myself, ha, weird isn’t it? I thought i might read anything I wrote when I was 13 and die and unbelievable death by embarrassment.  But no, I actually think 13 year old Hannah did a pretty good job, I think her writing style wasn’t perfect but it’s far from excruciatingly painful. 

I actually read some of the little quips and jokes I made and was sort of charmed, it was really endearing as in reality, I don’t think I could come up with half those things today. And whilst I failed to get a subscription number in double figures at least, this whole thing was really fun.


So hi there, this is Hannah, and this is probably the last post on this blog, ever. why? I have plans. Big plans, insomuch I hope I’ll tell someone about a stupid blog I set up when i was 12 that no one read and for a few months it was the best thing in the world. So adios, for a little while anyway.


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