Hating Everything

Hello to the three people who may or may not have made the effort to read this. What’s new with you all?

The new Mumford and Sons album was released in September and I can tell you I have been listening to Babel and all its glory. One of the best albums of all time frankly. But that’s just my opinion of course. Below My Feet, Hopeless Wanderer, Babel and I Will Wait are all complete triumphs, will the others require a little more time to connect with. Collectively, they may or may not be better than Roll Away Your Stone and The Cave. Maybe.

My other musical discoveries are Lana Del Rey, whose voice is its own class of beautiful and mesmerising.  The Vaccines, who really should write more songs like Norgaard. Jake Bugg’s new album is world class, every last song is AMAZING.  And Frank Ocean….ok, here’s the thing with old Franky babes, the only songs on Channel Orange I can say I actually like are Forrest Gump and Super Rich Kids. Sorry not sorry. Jay-Z and Kanye West and Watch The Throne Is one album I didn’t expect myself to love really. But Ni***s in Paris? Enough said.


I tell you what irritates me too, it gets dark too freaking quickly recently. I’ve just finished homework and all I see out the window are freaking street lights. And my dogs. They glow in the dark.


What I’m about to say may be extremely awful but since I was really really really young I’ve always prided myself on being a positive person. But recently, I’ve realised how much I hate everything. Seriously. I moan and complain and end up all moody and shit over seriously petty things I would never have got bothered over this time last year. Lets just break it down into a list very briefly

  • Slow walkers in the corridor or on the street need a rocketship placed up their asses, maybe that’ll make them walk a little faster.
  • Hollister Clothing, because putting a bird on a pair of jeans allows them to be 250% more expensive than normal.
  • When people counteract sarcastic comments with a crafty reply of their own. Sly cretins.
  • When people make an indirect-yet-direct comment about one of your flaws. You know, when they make that same joke they do everyday about your really loud laugh or nervous habit of fiddling with your hair. Did you really think that was just a joke?
  • People that copy you
  • People that laugh over things that aren’t that funny. Yes, that boy tripped up the stairs, can we please get on with our lives?
  • People that try to tell you a “hilarious” story of something that happened to something you weren’t invited to. Does this face look like its gives a damn how funny it was?
  • ‘like for likes’ or any of that shit on facebook


And that’s just a brief description of the things that make my blood boil on a daily basis.

(Not that anyone gives a damn) leave a comment telling me of really stupid things that get you angry. I care, really, I do.


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