That’s What She Said

Wow, again, I really need to get regular with these blog posts again.

You will never believe what I’m about to say- The sun in actually SHINING, and it’s MODERATELY WARM in Ireland! *Bbm shocked face* Yes, I know, freak weather indeed.

I’ve always tried to be a bit of a comedienne but recently my usage of That’s what she said is spiralling out of control, my friends have warned me if i don’t stop I’ll die alone. Pfft, yeah like it wasn’t gonna happen anyways.

Realised how crap I am at FIFA on Xbox when I was the goalie and I scored an own goal. Hey, looks like I’m not half male after all.
Speaking of sport, how crap am I at tennis? I hit the ball ‘straight’ and it ends up hitting the person in the court to my right.

Wow, looks like One Direction are doing well for themselves…

One more day and then no school for two weeks and I can actually enjoy these phenomenal weather conditions – I swear its 18 Celsius and half of the country thinks the place with be arid by the time the week ends. But anyways, I’ll see you lot again on TUESDAY (I promise…ish)

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