The Invisible Social Life

I think I’ve said before that English is the one subject that I expect 100% from myself in. Which is why I’m slightly worried that my French mark was 1% off my English. The fact I’m seemingly knowing more about a foreign language than my own speaks for itself really.

Since my social life is like my MacBook ( I don’t own a MacBook) I spend my weekends bouncing between Cake Boss, 9gag, YouTube, The Big Bang Theory, whatever MTV’s showing and Friends. I have to hand it to ComedyCentral, showing Friends back to back on Saturday and Sunday? What a way to shove it up T4.

I tried the whole New Year New You thing and decided I actually sit and check what homework I had the night before, rather than the whole “HOMEWORK? WE HAD HOMEWORK?!” routine every morning. I also tried what Jamie Oliver suggested; to be ‘healfy’. Mostly because I’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid for my cousin- so I’ll have to wear a dress…if it’s long enough I could probably get away with my Converse underneath…yeah that could work.

Definition From The Official Sarcasm Dictionary #1
Opinionated- knowing absolutely nothing really loudly

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