My Beard Says Hi

FREEDOM! Finally I have been released of the shackles that are my school for the holidays!
Mother has hinted (excruciatingly unsubtly) about that I’ll be spending 99.9% of my holidays studying- which I know is what I have to do, just telling me all the time and mentioning it in every sentence isn’t exactly encouraging. I mean I know what I have to do, it’s just nagging me about it makes me less likely to actually do it.
I couldn’t believe that the enquiry into the phone-hacking scandal is still on-going, and even Piers Morgan is being accused. I looked up to this guy professionally, he started small, became the editor of a national newspaper, and is now living it up big in the US of A- yes, this is what I aspire to. Put it this way, I want to have been important and have made a significant enough impact on the world to have the Google Homepage changed in honour of my birthday.

Seeing the pictures of Kim
Jong Il lying in state, I felt uneasy. That’s all I’m going to say on the matter, it’s a subject of which most people have a similar opinion, and I’m not going to raise my views on a subject I know little about. Uneasy, that is all.

On a lighter and more pleasant note, Merry Christmas Everyone! I’m not sure for certain what exactly I’m getting but it’s something anyway. In the next few days I’ll be running about visiting relatives which is, of course, delightful.

And hey, I forgot to mention, don’t be afraid to email me, ( or click a link
On one of my comments or whatever) seriously, a bit of Human contact makes my day as you know, I live in a cave, and the only comfort I have is my facial hair. Only joking, I actually live in a treehouse. With elves.

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