Party All Weekend! LOLJK I watched the dog crap

My mum and one of my sisters are away until Sunday after so myself and my other sister were left at home with our 12 week-old puppy. We were instructed that dad would be home around 4pm and if we needed anything we were to walk to our grandparents house for lunch or food or drink or whatever.

After watching three hilarious episodes of last year’s Come Fly With Me, I made the decision to walk up to my grandparents house, only to realise I’d have to go back to my house fifteen minutes later and let the puppy out (obviously a puppy doesn’t understand it when we tell him ‘Pissing on the carpet makes mummy angry’) so yeah I spent half the day wandering around my garden with a puppy in the freeeeezing cold thinking hurry up and shit, please

Back at my grandparents, and after a feast of Cheese and Onion crisp sandwiches, I feel asleep on the sofa as my Grandad flicked through the tv channels asking me if I watched certain programmes. I woke up to find my sister had made cupcakes and my grandparents both asleep. We agreed to go home and watch our Sky tv in our own house. I watched Friends while my sis arsed around up in her room.

Damn, I just realised the shit load of homework I have… Sunday’s gonna be fun…although I refuse to go to church and use the work as an excuse.

You have no idea the pain I was subject to in PE on Thursday.
I had to run a total of about 1/2 a kilometre in under 2:30 minutes. I came 7th! I actually placed! And I didn’t get a stitch! Only afterwards I felt like I couldn’t breath. I could only manage one word when people spoke to me.


“How did you find it?”
Me: no
Friend: “what place did you come?”
Me: no
Teacher: “Wanna do it again?”

Im hoping the sky would hurry up and snow so people would stop putting it as their Facebook Statuses. They say shit like that, I put up gobshite such as “Almost went to jail today…damn these Monopoly games are getting hardcore”

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