An announcement and half a rant

Well, news for you all, the whole ‘new blog thing’ is coming along nicely, I know exactly where I’m going with it and hopefully sometime soon I’ll get some sort of tester or teaser or free sample (am I the only one that treasures samples from magazines and keeps them? Or am I the only one? Just me? Ok- nothing to see here)
Anyway, yeah, I’m working on a little tester for yo fine selves to enjoy. Yes that right, I’m actually doing this, I thought I should wait until I get a few more subscribers, but what the hell. I like to think of this thing as the exaggerated truth, stuff that happens in my life that I add and subtract to for your reading pleasure- cuz as you know I live for giving you pleasure…yeah

You know what bugged me a few days ago? Don’t pee with anticipation, I’m gonna tell you as always.

It was French, and myself and a friend looked up a word in the French dictionary, only for hilarity to consume when we saw the definition and the French equivalent. I made a poem using these words and other French words, (I’m not going to tell you, these are two teenage girl we’re talking about- it’ll be damaging to your innocent ears)
Trying to control our laugher, we told the crowd in the table next to us, who couldn’t get the joke.
Next class, I tried to explain what happened to the other crowd, only for them to conclude they didn’t find it funny.
On hearing this, my friend, who for the record was falling off her chair laughing, told the other crowd she never found it funny and was only “playing along”.
WTF? Really? Suddenly if they don’t find it funny, you don’t either? Well
at least in know where I stand with you then. Crowd pleaser.
Damn that annoyed. That fecking annoyed me. Really really annoyed me. Two faced. That’s all it is.

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One thought on “An announcement and half a rant

  1. I wish I could “like” this multipul times for the “your mum rates me” (Natalie Tran FTW). As for the friend thing, girls are bitches (yeah thats basically the best advice I can give)

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