My new addiction

No no no, despite the title I am not in rehab recovering from an addiction to any illegal substances.

I’ve been trying to teach myself guitar for the past few weeks. Sitting with a borrowed guitar and a copy of Guitar for Dummies (really, no joke) and I’ve slowly grown towards it.
I’ve finally completed Auld Lang Syne (that can’t be spelt correctly) and I sort of can play the little one-string intro from Mumford & Son’s Roll Away your Stone. I’m really really warming to the whole guitar thing, looking up tabs and chords on the web and attempting to sound like Taylor freakin Swift ends in immense joy when I make a sound on the guitar that sounds something similar to the actual song (or a sound that just generally sounds like an actual note).
I went to piano lessons for three years and in that time I only achieved my Grade 1, passing by only a couple of marks due to the fact I completely blanked when I was asked to play the scale of G Major. This gave me a foundation for reading music.
Last year I started singing lessons but was dropped by my teacher due to his own family matters- I’m now resuming these lessons (but with a different teacher) sometime this week.
I came top in my class in Music last year so despite not actually being able to play an instrument, I can read music and play basic notes on the piano.
Last week I played the triangle in our Class Orchestra along with my friends, yet I conducted them as I’m the one
who understands musical time signatures. So it was me sitting there saying “One DING three DING, One DING three DING!”

I played so much my fingers really really hurt. It’s all purple and stuff. Suffering for my art šŸ˜‰

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