Twihards as loca as my hair

Remember how I said I was dying my hair from red to brown?
Yeah well that totally failed.

So went through the whole process, then rinsed…why is the water red? I thought but then I dismissed it as the dye itself…
Then I dryed my hair, and under the glow of my bedroom light I could have swore my hair was glowing red, and resembling a nuclear strawberry.


I figured the stuff in the new dye that kinda ‘awakens’ the colour kinda ‘awoke’ what was left of the red dye in my hair so it’s mixed with the new dye making one hell of hot damn mess.
But I’ll say, I’m growing towards it, although some of my relatives have reacted negatively towards it but hey, I wasn’t trying to impress them was I?
So I’ll never be a hairdresser…that’s one gem of a talent lost to the industry.

I’m sitting up in my room with a large Fanta from McDonalds because I’m fat and live off the stuff. I really shouldn’t be drinking it as it might stain my teeth, thanks to the monstrosity of craftsmanship inserted in my mouth…more commonly referred to as braces.

You’ll be delighted to know (I expect you to care about these things) that my Design Technology grades have increased significantly but on the downside my French grades have suffered. I’m beginning to hate that subject, French, it’s bugging me that schools focus more on the grammar and written part rather than the actual speaking…really we’d need to be able to speak French in business and employment more overall, non?

Also, I had an idea for another blog. Yet again- see? I’m always on the go, always my genius is at present work.
It’s been my ambition for a long long long time to somehow write a story or a novel of some sort. I have a few ideas… And I can promise you many things

  • No vampires whatsoever
  • No boy obsessed over dramatic sleepover clubs
  • No obvious endings
  • Attempts at humour
  • A slight dose of exaggeration of actual events
  • Or at least I’ll try to achieve the above. The vampire thing is an absolute promise, I know a girl who bought her ticket for Breaking Dawn on Tuesday…so she could go and see it on Friday. Loca loca people.
    Tell me what you think. If you guys like it it’ll go ahead for sure, if you think it’s crap vice versa.

    And I called my friend Johnny, and I said “Johnny, what the hell is up with these Twihard freaks?”

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    One thought on “Twihards as loca as my hair

    1. No vampires? Hell yes!

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