It’s ok, I’ve got a PhD in Sarcasm

It’s finally hit me that Westlife have split. Westlife have spilt.
No more smushy love songs, X Factor performances sitting on stools and standing up at a dramatic major key change.
I wasn’t a massive fan…but I would listen to them the odd time. Just the odd time- on the radio. They are not on my iPod.
Oh well, one more Irish gem lost to nothingness. Jedward are next…let us hope and pray…

I got a text from my friend asking for advice. Again.
The irony of this part of my friendships is that I’m like some sort of mother-figure. But why me? (this is sounding uber dramatic, why me?!) I’m so boring. I’m so…me. Everyone has such a more exciting life and I’m just little me. I’m like the back up friend- it’s as if people think “Oh I’m so depressed…I will talk to you!”. Is this a good thing? Is this a bad thing? Ill let you know in due course.

I swear, if I hear the phrase emotional rollercoaster one more time, I shall scream. Wow aren’t you just the psychologist using a metaphor that means “ups and downs in your life?” such a fricken genius…bitch please, I can come up with metaphors in my sleep…and I’ll tell you one when that phenomena occurs.

Something I saw that made me laugh today? An iPod background that said
if laughter is the best medicine your face is curing the world
Yes I like that so much you’ll never understand. so I’m guessing that makes all comedians doctors?
The idea of Peter Kay performing a major operation amuses me.

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