The Dangers of The Macarena

I was sitting down listening to my iPod as per usual, when I took a wild notion to press shuffle- something I never do as it scares me that any song beyond my control could thunderously uproar upon my ears. It also reminds of my horrendous taste in music and why I’m a danger to all when I set foot in HMV.

A song came on that I haven’t heard in ages. A song that truly reminded me of my childhood.
The Macarena baby!
First of all I thought, what the hell is this doing on my iPod? but then I actually sat and listened. I sat and listen and enjoyed the Macarena- no dance moves required.
And I have realised that I have just done so, and I have realised that’s a whole loada seconds in my life I’ll never get back. Wow. Deep.

I have just been reminded of the fact I have PE tomorrow. I’m slightly scared of the fact I’ll either have netball or cross country- two fricken extremes.

Oh and another thing I find relevant to you all, the red hair is no more. Actually! I’m dying it brown again! Oh dry your eye my sweet one it’ll be back someday…I’m just wanted my hair to be a bit more au natural for a while…and anyway it’s a nicer shade of brown- less chocolate cake and more dark caramel. This is making me hungry now.

Adios amigos I’m in such of a snack.
And remember kids, eat your greens! I have two Aero Bars everyday and look at the good it’s done me.

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