Rory Flanagan- New Boy

I know it’s a little late, but I was in the mood for A review of some sort. Then along came Rory Flanagan.


I was one of the Gleeks that watched the Glee Project over summer in which saw Damian Mcginty from Derry, in the mighty Northern Ireland, become one of the lucky teens that one a six-episode staring role in Glee. Now I genuinely liked Damian on this programme. I thought he struggled but I somehow felt privileged that I was one of the very few viewers that understood what he was saying without subtitles. I would at this point like to make it perfectly clear that my accent is slightly different to his.

When I heard that Brittany S. Pearce was going to think he was a leprechaun, I kind of thought, oh boy, this whole Irish thing is going to be a long and drawn out process, goody goody gumdrops but far from it.
I loved the fact that he asked Finn Hudson to be his friend, it was just really cute and something a five year old would say on their first day of school- and that he was granting Brittany’s three wishes in order to get into her ‘pot of gold’ (innuendo!)- and we could really see a cheeky side to him when he met Finn for the first time.

I don’t know about you, but when he said he didn’t have any friends, I wanted to jump into the television and give him a huge hug. Cheeky, with what I hope you American’s will think of as a brilliant accent, adorable and talented? Take notes, gentlemen- yes please.
When he belted out his song at the end, I’ll say I was shocked at those HIGH NOTES that I’m certain that me, a teenage girl, wouldn’t be able to hit. It also clarified that Damian was clearly better with vocals than his acting abilities. Harsh but true.

Overall, I love the character. I can definitely see him becoming a favourite by the Gleeks around the world…if they can understand him, of course.

This new character could potentially open up a whole new Northern Irish fanbase for Glee, and I personally, will looking forward to seeing him in further episodes…and the fact I’m slightly head over heels in love with him has nothing to do with it whatsoever.

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