Peer Pressure- Religion

Okay, calm down young litter of blog
Hounds (I have no idea where that came from) It’s the first official Peer Pressure post! *applause* And it’s on religion! yay! I’d actually had this post in my drafts for a while…so here goes!

I was born in to a Protestant family. And yes, I go to a (dominantly) Protestant school. But no, I don’t go around with a A Union flag wrapped around me, and a Glasgow Rangers tattoo on my calf shouting “NEVER NEVER NEVER!”.
I have friends from both sides of the divide. Really close friends. I hold nothing against other religions, but some arrogant people think I’m strange. They think that Catholics and Prods mixing is just pure bullshit.
Take for example this conversation I had with a sort of friend of mine.

Him: bunch of us are going to the park on Saturday…you going?

Me: oh no, it’s my friends birthday…sorry maybe another time

Him: what friend? Maybe I know her.

Me: she goes to the Intergrated School her name is ____

(Intergrated schools, Prod and Catholic mix schools)

Him: I think I know her…doesn’t she have a brother?

Me: yeah two

Him:…but they go to [local catholic school]

Me: yeah I know…and that’s a problem how..?

Him: they’re catholic…

Me: yes I know that! They’re my friends, why is it a problem? We’re all human.

* awkward face, walk away, end conversation*

That bugs me. That really really bugs me. At times i really want to tear down the flags, both tricolour and union. I really want to tell Orange Men to get a grip. I really want to tell Dissident Republicans and Loyalist Paramilitaries to just stop. No one wants this. No more death, no more bombs, no more fights or flags or parades or fences or violence.

Most of my friends are Christian, the Born Again kind, the repentant, “God Bless your heavy evil devil ridden soul” kind of hobnobbers. I always find that Christianity to them is like some sort of safety blanket.
“Your really annoying,”
“well that’s the way God made me,”
No, thats the product of genes, DNA chromosomes, conscience, psychology an not forgetting your parents. Any theist has nothing to do with it.
If I was a bitch, I’d say that aloud.
Or in any difficult situation,
“My grandad died,”
“oh how sad,” any other person, like me, would have no Idea how to overcome this extremely awkward situation but the christian can say
“oh how sad, at least hes at
Peace, walking with the Lord for now and eternity…ill pray for you,”
BANG! sympathy and comfort beats awkwardness and atheism 2:1. Fair play, fair play.
I’d say I’m not spiritually “fulfilled”. I’m not a Christian, far from it, I swear and tell obscene jokes, I’ve never used a bible passage as a Facebook status and don’t plan to. I mean the bible begins with “In the beginning, God created the heaven and earth.”
Your sitting there thinking, hold up, Where did God come from and how long has he been sitting in a vast waste or nothing? This isnt the beginning! It’s like a really bad Inception remake!
But I’m not an atheist either. I can’t imagine what happens after death and I’d rather not go into it, but think about people who’ve done really amazing thing in their lives? They just…die? That’s it? Nothing? Eventually forgotten?

My friends tried to turn me Christian. Invited me to meetings. Gave me a bible. Prayed for me. Prayed with me. Read bible passages to me. Talked to me. Then they finally struck a chord they new would sound perfect.

Charity Work.

Yeah that’s right, I’m not all cold hearted, I love the idea of charity. Doing something Funny for Money is my dream. They said about church funds etc. oh no I thought if I say no I’ll look so cold hearted…but I’m not a bible basher
They still do. They still ask me if “I’ve made my decision”. I say I don’t know, but I know even I was to fake it, I’d never really ‘believe’.
I think of it this way,
Religion is based on the past, and when people ask questions, people get angry.
Science is using the past and present to move forward in the future, and when questions our asked, people are interested.

Will I ever find my spiritual potential? Probably not. Will I Get married in a church? Probably not. Will I ever fully believe in God? No, I doubt that highly.

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2 thoughts on “Peer Pressure- Religion

  1. I totally forgot about the divide between religon there. Here no one really cares what you believe in as long as you don’t go shoving it in peoples faces (or down their throats for that matter).

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