Misseejit Can’t Ice Skate

So as the title suggests, I went ice skating.
It was my friend’s birthday, me, her and two others went to the ice-disco from 7-10pm.
I’ll admit I was excited, really excited, last time I went ice skating I was about six and I can’t remember a thing. I stepped onto the ice, fine for a while, until my friends all skated ahead of me while I wobbled my way around. The excitement wore off in about half an hour when I realised I couldn’t skate to save my life.
I personally wouldn’t take ice skating up as a hobby, and I was the only one out of my friends that wasn’t at all sporty, the birthday girl in question and another friend are the type of ‘no fear’ sporty girls that do several different sports plus training In-between. They we’re fearless, but then what do you expect from a girl that does Martial Arts, two hours of swimming four times a week, hockey and half-marathons?

One of the biggest dangers was the Speed skaters, the boys that went around the rink at about 20 mph with their custom made skates ( I doubt neon yellow skates with neon orange laces were available to rent) and spray ice at you when they see people struggling. They’d come flying past you and knock me clean off my feet.
Naturally, it would be human instinct to react to seeing blood. But when a clumsy, completely-lacking-skill-or-talent freak like me sees a trail of blood along the rink of course I’m gonna frigging react. Both me and the voice in my head.

I fell the hardest on three several occasions. Ironically on my left side as ever since I severally fractured (or “completely smashed”) my right arm (on rollerblades don’tcha know) I’ve automatically shielded my arm.
I broke my left wrist when I was four, and now it’s in pain, and my left leg is in unbelievable pain, put it this way, I can’t sit down.
The whole time I was thinking when is this over? Let’s go home! but all the while my friends were having so much fun so I carried on with my sore ankles and aching derrière.

I really wanted to just sit and watch as I was really bored of skating around and around in circles, struggling to stay up right. But I knew If I did that, I’d kick myself and hate every ounce of my earthly being for giving up.

Finally, after hours of pain, We stepped off the ice, “have fun?” my friend said hopefully, but i knew she knew I didn’t enjoy it, I paused and thought how I’d phrase this reply,
“I may not be able to skate, but I had some fun failing,”
My friend giggled, Mission Accomplished.

I brought a hat with me to the rink, it looks like a panda and as I’m currently writing this back home in my house I refuse to take my hat off. it’s comfy, warm, and I look like a complete nutter in it. That’s style for you.

This gave me an idea on another weekly post-thingy. I’m thinking along the lines of “Peer Pressure- When my Friends Try To Get Me To Like Their Interests and Hobbies”
This topic is relevant to me, I have friend trying to change me all the time- there’s something for your amusement. Consider this as sort of starter for you, next week we’ll be looking at religion so stay tuned kids!

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One thought on “Misseejit Can’t Ice Skate

  1. Ooo boy religion, my favorite topic! Great post as usual, and dont worry, you are not alone with the whole failing at skating thing

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