PE, AKA torture

I’ve never understood the subject of Physical Education. I’ve never seen it’s importance. I despise it’s existence upon the education system.

I wouldn’t have minded it really, if the teacher hadn’t have marched in with a clipboard saying ‘Cross-Country’.

Unfortunately, I had packed my Converse All Stars (as they have better grip in the Gym when we play netball) and coinsidently it began raining. Brilliant, rain, soaked shoes, soaked shoes, mud, running, out of breath, cold and two laps of this shit.

Everyone that wasn’t an athlete made a plan. We’d sprint up until we were obstructed from view of our teacher then walk really slowly until the period was over so we wouldn’t have to do another few laps.
The best part is we got this whole lecture that we should only do what were able to do, and then they put teachers at different point to shout at us if we started to walk or took short cuts. I was limping along with my hand holding my crippling pain in my left side fixing my drenched hair when I heard “COME ON GIRLS! THIS ISNT A CASUAL DANDER THROUGH THE PARK! MOVE.THOSE.FEET!”
My hilarious friend laughed at this then screamed “Let’s see you run bitch! Fecks Sake!” then stomped on. We agreed faking injuries was our only escape, and were prepared to break limbs to avoid all running activities.

How good am I at running? I came 7th last out of about 50-60 girls. Wow. Pure athlete, me. When I finished, all the teachers were at the entrance. “ok there Hannah?” one asked, the one I actually like. “yes, perfectly fine,”.
Back in the changing rooms everyone asked me how I found it. I didn’t speak for about ten minutes before saying, “I’m suing the school,”

“Good effort Hannah!” said my PE teacher, I think she only knows my name because I’m the one that’s 100% Pro-Netball, Anti-Hockey and openly unashamedly expresses my hatred for the subject without a shred of dignity. Or as I like to call it, honesty.

I’m becoming more and more honest with people I’ve found, even my friends have noticed. I must admit, it’s not a necessarily bad trait to have, I constantly know where I stand with people. I’m actual getting requests for my honesty in situations such as “Hey, what do think of my idea for our project?” and then I’d go on to express my opinion on that idea, even negatives. At least people know I’m not fake. I mean, I’ve got friends trying to get me to all these Christian meeting etc. So I’ve just had to say “Look, this isn’t something I commit myself too, religion isn’t something I can take seriously, I respect your views but Im not currently seeing the light,”.
Yeah, I suppose I feel a little guilty, but I’d feel worse if I lied.

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2 thoughts on “PE, AKA torture

  1. 7th from last? Thats like 7 places higher then I’ve ever placed! We run an average of 4 miles a week at our school (Its not that much but it keeps us “in shape”) so hopefully the more I run the less I’ll suck. I love that your friend yelled that, she’s offically one of my new heros.

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