Music and Its Many Memories.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a massive fan of music, and not just one genre, but most. I was discussing with a friend about songs that trigger a certain thought or memory in your head when you hear them. First of all, the discussion began about change, and I said even just that word, Change, reminded me of the Taylor Swift song of the same name ( don’t judge my love for Taylor Swift, deep down everyone likes her songs…unless your Kanye West of course).
Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody reminds me of my dad, but the funny thing is I have no idea why. I think it’s because on holiday, we used to sit in a certain bar everynight, and the live singer sang that particular song on acoustic guitar at least once every night while dad and I sat talking about everyday things, as it was really the only time we really got to have an actual, proper conversation- and I have to say, I think we learnt more about each other.
I’ve proclaimed my love for Mumford and Sons on many occasions, as every single song they put their name too just makes me feel good. Such an organic, earthy sound that brings me back home. Real music. I close my eyes and I’m in my house, curled up on the sofa, earphones in and the world shut out, listening to a whirlwind of banjos and guitars and acoustics and thumping beats with my sister tapping me on the shoulder telling me to stop singing so loudly.
It’s funny how songs can change your mood so quickly too. Count on Me by Bruno Mars make me feel all emotional as it reminds me of a friend of mine, it describes things we’ve been through and how without each other, goodness knows where we’d be. At a dance, the DJ played ADELE’s Someone Like You and all of a sudden everyone calmed down. One minute they were bouncing around to JLS singing “THE CLUB IS ALLLIVEE…” and then next everyones huddled, singing along with all the power their lungs could behold.
Oddly enough, some songs remind me of some of the most random memories possible. Robbie William’s You Know Me reminds me of Christmas shopping- that song has no relation to Christmas whatsoever from my knowledge.
All the same, it’s weird how a sound can interact with you and change how your feeling and your current train of thought. Simply switch with a strum of a guitar or beat of a drum. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a song about heartbreak or long lost love, it’s just about everything.

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