Halloween and Stuff

So it’s Halloween soon, oh how very scary.
Us here in Britain and Ireland don’t tend to make as big an effort as Americans. I’ve got no neighbours apart from my grandparents and a someone else so trick or treating isn’t all that fun. (not trick or treating as you know it, this is scaring people and playing knock-door-run etc) I’ve also been quietly hinting at my best friend who lives in a large neighbourhood-y area to have me over night as a lot of our friends live there too and it would be deadly craic. She said she’d “see what (she) could do,”.
She hasn’t replied to my texts- so I’m screwed.
I actually wanted to dress up as Cleopatra if I got the opportunity- but that’s unlikely. If my wish comes true ill just back-comb (or ‘tease’ if your American) my hair, go overboard on the eyeliner and find some dress to wear.

The field next to my house has flooded like many fields in the province due to the rain. There’s ducks on it! Ducks swimming in a field- it’s a pretty thing to look at from a window. It kinda brings you back down to earth.

I’m sick of X Factor already. I know Janet Devlin is from Northern Ireland and yay go her! But the local media have her in every single fricken story. And her hair is orange. ORANGE!
It glows on the stage lights. GLOWS LIKE A FRICKEN JACKEL LANTERN.
And Frankie! Don’t get me started on him. He can’t sing. Simples.

Anyways, I’ve got Halloween hinting to do. Smell ya later.

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