Drama, joy, failures and the future

So just for the record, I currently have

  • a friend ignoring me
  • A friend who thinks she’s better than me
  • A friend trying to turn me to Christianity
  • A friend I communicate soley through Facebook
  • a friend who’s being bitched about by a friend, and is now returning the favour and bitching about the friend who’s bitching about her
  • a friend asking me for advice
  • and my closest friend and I are slowly drifting apart.
    Yah, my life is a spider web of drama and there’s so many flies caught in it, this spider doesn’t know which one to tend to first.

    I also was the only one in my science class to fail a test. This means my science teacher wants me to repeat it tomorrow during lunch. It kind of hit me…Im not doing that well in school recently. I’m constantly forgetting homework, procrastinating when I should be studying, answering back etc. And everything else…is slowly going down hill.
    So yeah- FML

    On a lighter note, I think I’ll do psychology for GSCE. I just think it’s interesting. I’ve gone off the idea of being a doctor, I’ll stick with english and journalism. I mean, I’m good at english, I like english, it just makes sense in my brain-but subjects like science that I’m
    genuinely interested in, require a lot of hard work, something I think I’ll get bored of.
    But of course, as per usual, mother only sees medicine and law as acceptable career choices for me. I say journalism, she seems ok, but I know inside shes rolling her eyes when I tell her I want to be at press conferences rather than performing a heart transplant.
    English just clicks, It just comes to me. Things just make sense. Like 1 + 1= 2.
    It’s easy, and i instinctually know the answer. for example,a character (a murderer) in a text in English class was described as ‘inhuman’- this means he doesn’t posses human qualities such as emotions. This means he can’t feel pain or sadness or guilt, in turn suggesting he’s merciless.
    In some cases, journalism is like blogging and getting paid and having a career out of it.

    Okay, I’d better do something about this science. L8RS.

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