A brief update of occurrences!

Well? How are all of my hundreds of adoring blog readers?
Oh sorry, my mistake, there’s not hundreds of you…theres about two.

You may or may not have noticed that my blogging has been much less frequent than usual, I’m usually blogging everyday, rambling on about the vast waste of space I call my existence and you know what? I missed you lot!

My group of friends’ stalker has finally learnt that standing silently among the more… popular fun kids and shoving anyone who stands in your way won’t exactly get you many brownie points. Actually, I saw her wandering around the school dance on her own, and turns out that no one had replied to a single text she sent- she sent my friend loads of texts in the space of an hour, they mostly consisted of
“what are you wearing to the dance? 🙂 xxxxxxx” or
“will you wait outside until I arrive?” and
“why won’t you reply? I thought we were friends 😦 Jk, luv u really 😉 ttyl xxxxxxxx”

Ttyl? TTYL? Who says that anymore?

Moving swiftly on, and ASS has decided to rear his ugly head again and insult me once more. That dude has a problem with me and I have no idea why. He’s always making really obscene filthy references to or about me and freaking the frig out of me. If that guy wants to be a perv in later life, he’s certainly off to a good start.
I kind of lost it and kicked him in the shins shouting “Asshole!” and he was left looking shocked.
“what the hell was that for?” he exclaimed in his high pitched annoying voice.
“for what you said earlier!” I said calmly, looking him in the eye, both eyebrows raised.
” oh, so are you gonna go cry to your Mommy, is that it? Your gonna say I hurt your feelings? Are you? Boo hoo! Boo hoo!” he said in an American accent and a whiney voice.
I rolled my eyes. The reality of the situation is that boy has no real friends, they only like him when he’s funny, and hes an asshole to everyone all the time.

Everyone in my class is obsessed with asking people who their “Top” are.
Quiet literally asking them for the three or so people of the opposite gender that they find the most attractive.
My friend ask me that today. I quickly changed the subject. “Tell me!” she said “go on!”
“oh well!” someone else butted in, “we all know who her number one is…Shorty!”
So yes, once upon a recent time in a land not so far away, he would have been, but no, not anymore…and probably not ever.
The Shortster has seriously come out of his shell this year, seriously, he’s grown about four inches got a hair cut, finally lost the hair gel and I must say, who would have known that boy actually was pretty darn handsome underneath all that male bravado?
Most girls agree he’s probably the hottest boy in our year, but often gets overshadowed by the others…as he is a bit of a weird one.

I think that concludes all I have to say.
And by the way, if you are reading, do comment or somehow tell me what you think, its greatly appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “A brief update of occurrences!

  1. “TTYL? Who says that anymore?” *cough* I do *cough* I also love that you said an American accent. I kept forgetting that my voice would probally sound foreign to you.

    • misseejit says:

      Hey, so you love the fact I insulted your nationality and ‘text talk’? Woohoo! People love my negative comments,
      I could go into politics!
      I’d actually love to see your reaction to a stronger version of my accent, at times even I can’t understanding

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