This Post Is Too Gangsta For A Title

‘Bout Ye?
So after that stereotypical Irish greeting that I’m guessing most of you didn’t understand, I’m suppose I’d better get on with this blog, everyone comfortable? Good, because I’m gonna ramble on anyways.

Please don’t tell me I’m the only one that does this.
You know those times when you can’t sleep? And your lying there, eyes closed, head on the pillow, and your trying to think about something that will get you off to sleep….
So the thing your brain decides is perfect for thinking about, is playing out ideal life situation in your head- things you wish would happen in life. Am I the only one? Because it’s given me an idea…
And you know those times when your telling someone an anecdote from your life and just to make it sound more exciting, you exaggerate, just a little bit?
Well, by combining these two ideas, along with a heavy dose of the shit that goes down in my life, it seems like something to do for a second blog.
So basically, I’ll take things that happen in my life, and change it up, so it looks like something actually happened…or post those things that run through my head that I call “perfect scenarios”.
So what do you think? Pretty damn shit, or not a bad idea?
This whole thing is completely based for you, and it’s also one of the reasons I haven’t posted in ages ( nope it’s not really, I’ve just been really lazy and got into trouble in school several times meaning I got lots of extra homework…but that’s for another blog).

So as always, post your witty attempts at feedback down below (no not that down below you pervert, I know what goes on in your filthy Internet mind) and if this happens to be your first time visiting this blog, Welcome! Stay for a while and make yourself at home make yourself a cup Tea, and relax- but if you’ve been here before…well, You’re welcome 🙂

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