A Random Collection of Thoughts

Hey, you know what I hate?
Maths homework.
I don’t understand why they teach us half the stuff they do.
We’re the lazy, technology, there’s-an-app-for-that generation, so Why do I need to know how to turn a decimal into a fraction?
Especially when you’ve got the
crazy maths teacher that I have. Seriously, that guy is on something- a behind the counter something. You can just see it in his face every class, he’s constantly buzzing. He jumps and runs about the classroom and would randomly shout “STOP!” in the middle of class to get our attention- like Mr Humberfloob from The Cat in the Hat when he says FIIRRREEED!!!


I now refuse to do this homework- it makes my head hurt…or that just could be all three of the energy drinks I had today kicking in. I have a new addiction and they are Poweraid, Lucozade Sport, and BPM.

You are unaware of this, but I actually
Write a blog everyday. I just write one, edit it, and then decide either “yeah that’s alright,” or “neh, its too personal/offensive/controversial/shit,” and I either hit publish or just leave it in my drafts. There’s about fifteen sensational failures of blogs in my drafts now- I’ll get around to finishing them…at some point.

My head’s messed up at the moment. In fact my whole body is. I couldn’t eat all week because of the pain of my braces, for some reason or another I can’t get to sleep at night despite being completely exhausted, leaving me EVEN MORE exhausted in the morning ( ergo the energy drinks) and I’m becoming forgetful and even more disorganised than usual- I completely forgot about a homework- I’m not organised at all but I have never forgotten to do a homework completely and left it 100% unfinished. I mean, sometimes I deliberately don’t do homeworks out of laziness then quickly scribble something before class and hand it in, but I’ve never sat in class, saw everyone else with their projects, ( yeah that’s right, I forgot about a whole PROJECT) and thought, ‘Oooooooh shit’.

I need to get my head back together- so no more Hell’s Kitchen USA for me.

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2 thoughts on “A Random Collection of Thoughts

  1. I forgot how much braces hurt when you first get them on! Don’t worry after a week or so it stops. If you get them tightened the first few times is bad but after that you bascially forget about them. As for engery drinks, you remind me of my one friend who pratically lives off of red bull. I think he drinks 4-5 a day. It’s amazing he’s not dead yet.

    • misseejit says:

      The energy drink thing has calmed down- but a guy from my school brought in a few of those energy drink “shots” there are about 50ml of pure concentrated caffeine- he dared us all to take a mouth full and geez I thought I was going to have a heart attack, then we looked at the small print and it said not subtitle for anyone under 16 and my friend was convinced she was going to die. That was the weirdest 15 minutes of my life.

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