Welcome the Tin Grin!

Ugh, did you know I’m getting braces on Friday? TOMORROW?!
Yeah, proper braces. Real ones. The type a train could run on.
I’ve swore to myself I’ll never where my glasses again or I’ll run a risk of being an Ugly Betty lookalike.

This blog isn’t anything particular or exciting it’s just a jumpfrom random subject to another- FYI.

I have no idea what happened over summer but suddenly everyones a lot more pleasant. I suppose it was first year last year and everyone was highly strung- but everyones just more civil.

Hey I’ve got a new stalker!
I wouldn’t call myself ‘cool’ or in the ‘popular’ crowd, but I do mix and am close to the decent beings that fall into those categories- and my ‘group’ does mix with them. I’m not the type of library-goer that spend lunch in the library and start to revise for End of Year exams in November.
One girl, who is a library goer, has started to hang around with us.
Its just really weird, she doesn’t say anything she just stands there listening to the conversation and following us about. It’s annoying when my group want to talk about things that concern just us and you kind of have to be discreet about it.
Every class where there’s a spare seat- she just sits with us… Doesn’t speak-or laugh- or join in the conversation- just sits there.
I’m still dreading my braces…metal in my mouth. 😦

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One thought on “Welcome the Tin Grin!

  1. trust me, braces aren’t that bad. And congrats on the stalker!

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