Global Warming and Masculine Humour

In science, we were talking about fossil fuels and Global Warming and stuff. When my teacher asked about alternative energy sources that we’d need to switch to in the future, my fellow classmates said the usual, wind turbines, solar panels, Waves, water turbines- but I came up with something else.
BioMass energy.
It was so frigging obvious! When I said it (and was able to explain it) I got serious kudos from my fellow classmates- everyone was in a short of shock, as of to say ‘Where the hell did that nugget of knowledge come from?’
I also made up a song as well, to the tune of Sean Kingston’s Fire burnin’ so imagine the tune to these lyrics

Somebody call Greenpeace
Cuz global warming taking over the whole earth y’all
Gotta save the Polar Bear
Cuz they are really rare
On the earth y’all
The water’s rising
It is rising
In the arctic
The acid’s raining
It is raining
In the forest
Somebody call Greenpeace
Cuz Global warming taking over the whole earth y’all

It’s nothing big or clever it’s just something that I made up and found funny at the time. No one else seemed to appreciate it though.

I realised how much a male sense of humour I have today.
One of my male friends told a joke about periods, “saw a bunch of moody girls sitting together, so I said “look it’s the periodic table!””
I burst out laughing and quickly retorted with “why are women so moody during their periods? It’s such an Ovary action!”
Me and all the boys fell about laughing.
But my female friends didn’t appreciate it,
“ugh, that’s actually disgusting”
“I can’t believe you discuss that openly with boys!”
“you have such a dirty mind!”
I told them to calm down, and that my sense of humour was wasted when it fell upon their delicate, Disney Channel consumed ears. They didn’t appreciate that quip either.
They went on to say that I ‘thrive on dirty jokes’
So it’s my fault that I get on so well with boys? Im suddenly a flirt or a pervert if I join in a little joke that’s funny? I mean at this age, these kind of things are supposed to be laughed at aren’t they? Would they rather I sat there looking gormless moping about writing poems about how depressing and twists life can be? No, I wouldn’t, personally.
They then asked me why I always laugh at everything.

“Well if you don’t have something to smile about every minute of everyday, whats the point of it all really?”

That deep and meaningful sentence stole from Status Shuffle shut her up quick enough.
I don’t really like it when people question who I am and why I’m a certain way. Why the hell do they do that? As if ill be changing to fit their version of normal any time soon. I won’t be asking permission to be who I am. If they can’t stand my person, no ones forcing them to sit and talk to me. Frankly I couldn’t give half a shit. I’ve got plenty of friends, REAL friends, losing a meaningless one wouldn’t be a great loss.

Wow that last paragraph sounded quite …ballsy and confident and angry…Yehaw for Blog Rage Therapy!

Nothing particularly unusual happened today, apart from making references to Spongebob and fossil fuels in musical form. And I’ve just realised I have a history report on Henry VIII due on Wednesday and I’d better get started on it…and tomorrow I’ll be getting my essay entitled Wrong Place Wrong Time back tomorrow- first essay of the term and I’d like to start with a BANG and say “HEY CLASSMATES, ENGLISH IS MY TERRITORY!”
I won’t actually say that, but english is the only subject that I’m 99.9% confident in- and I have a fierce grade reputation were essays are concerned.
I’ll publish it on here if you’d like to hear a story about me, a pair of converse and some dog poo- but it’s very PG, as it was written for school.

Laters dudes, I’ve got a report on a fat man to write, and I think theres a cat dying in the mistake it’s my sis in the shower.

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2 thoughts on “Global Warming and Masculine Humour

  1. I love the song! Its funny, I’m writting a report on him too, mostly on how much of an asshole he was, oh America, insulting other countries kings when we’re just as bad. Anyways I can’t speak for anyone else but I’d like to hear your paper when you get it back. (That accutally just reminded me of something I was going to blog about today, darn, oh well…)

    • misseejit says:

      You liked the song? Well thanks- just something I made up on the spot. Henry viii did seem like quite the ass- there’s a television programme over here in the UK called horrible histories that makes really funny sketches about Henry viii and other historical figures. Its a kids tv show but I love it anyway. If it wasnt for that show, I’d fail history

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