It’s Sunday…

Okay, this is really weird, but I’m about to talk about make up and clothing and shopping again… WHATS HAPPENING TO ME? FECK YOU HORMONES. FECK.YOU.
We went to A huge shopping centre in Belfast today, and it was the most productive days shopping I’ve got in my life.
There’s something satisfying about coming home with about five bagfuls’ worth of shopping in your arms- and even more satisfying knowing that you have the money to spend. I now understand shopping from a Woman’s point of view.

There is the biggest Debenhams store that I’ve ever seen in there, and my mother brought me to the wonderful world of the Cosmetic’s Floor.
As I mentioned, mother is a retraining Make up Artist, so she had to get some more kit for her make up collection and I was led to the madness that is MAC.
it was quite literally survival of the fittest and I can honestly say that I have never known how much lip liner can mean to a female.
After that, I walked over to a counter that is my home away from home- Benefit.
I love benefit products, I just do. So when I went over to see what new products were on offer, I struck up a conversation with the lovely girl at the counter- it was nice not being talked to like I was five, for example
“this is Badgal eyeliner, you line your lashline with it”
And I’m sat there thinking

“no shit sherlock, NO SHIT!”

I asked to see what a certain product would look like on my face.
I ended up getting a make over and agreeing to buy a completely different product when I comes out next week.
So I got a free make over! Woohoo!
Three outfits later I went to my dad and and he said I looked like I could get into a nightclub ID-free if I wanted to- that’s what passes for a complement nowadays.
A minging Ice mocha and toffee muffin after that, I bought some of that gel eyeliner stuff that everyones raving about. Maybe it’s Maybeline…or maybe it Photoshop- who knows?
I came home, tried all clothes on all over again, and tried on a pair of ‘extra skinny spray on jeans’ and I simply couldn’t walk. The situation was so bad I couldn’t get down the stairs and my toes turned blue. I was walking like Pingu until I took them off- which took a good fifteen minutes of wriggling and squirming- they are now back in the New Look bag with the receipt ready to be exchanged for the next size up.

Mother bought a pair of gorgeous nude heels today from Dune, I begged her to met me buy a pair, but she said I’d break my neck and anyone I came in contact’s with too. As you know, I’m more of a converse person, but I’d bought a particularly Girly outfit for a party and my mothers shoes would have went perfectly- I found a pair online that had a smaller heel but of course, they didn’t have the size of my big yeti feet in stock.

I’ve just realised today Is Sunday- meaning tomorrow is Monday…Ugh. After Monday comes Tuesday…and Tuesday means Swimming- so I’m pretty much on my knees praying to a god I don’t believe in (The Script reference Phaaahaaahaa!) that the snow, wind and rain will come so we don’t have to walk to the leisure centre.

Has anyone seen the new adverts for Friends? WTF is up with E4? They lost Glee to Sky1 and Friends to ComedyCentral- I have satellite tv but I feel sorry for those who don’t. I’m hoping The Big Bang Theory doesn’t go too

^ sorry- felt relevant

One Direction tickets were sold out in two minutes- so excuse me while I break down and cry.

I’ll now limit my Make Up posts. So don’t worry, business as Normal will resume soon- whatever the FECK normal is.

Irrelevant Facebook Like of The Day
“I wasn’t that drunk”-
Dude, you sat in my fireplace shouting “Diagon Alley”

NOTE: to the person who’s car I dented when I opened the car door forcefully;

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