Make up? MAKE UP??!!

Well I kinda promised you this blog (not that there was a great demand for one), so here it is,
I don’t necessarily have anything to write about-nothing has happened to me apart from the fact I’m just back from the cinema after seeing I Don’t Know How She Does It for the second time in a month, which isn’t even a great film, and I swear if I see Sarah Jessica Parker one more time I will scream. I’d rather see the Inbetweeners again.
Why do I live my weekends out at the movies? Because in my crappy town, there’s nothing to do- we either walk about the town centre or go the cinema or we might stretch to the park if the weathers good. Yeah there’s youth clubs but they’re only on to about, 8pm- and the government wonders why theres so many Hoodies!
My day consisted of,
Wake up to sound of alarm clock
Hit snooze
Wake up
Get into school uniform and dry my hair.
Go down stairs and eat breakfast while watching DayBreak.
Brush teeth
Adjust hair
Go to school
Sit through history and RE and get out of double maths and head to orthodontist
In orthodontist, learn I’ll be losing a tooth and gaining some braces. In a weeks time.
Go back to school, sit through music and science.
Spend lunch teasing Shorty about his new love interest.
Sit through DT and babble my way through French
Go home and text friends
Eat dinner and text friends
Get ready for cinema
Go to cinema, watch movie, leave
Go to bed, write blog and hopefully sleep afterwards.
My life is very boring.

Before I went out I was putting on a bit of make up to cover up some zits when my mum walked in and offered to do my eye make up.

I knew how this would end

My mum is training to be a make up artist, she already has the qualifications shes just taking a course to update her skills.
” what eyeliner do you have?” she said
“err, black…” I replied- grimacing when I realised I’d just asked for a lecture, most consisting of “you should have more colour…you can’t live in t shirts and jeans forever…”
You see, my classic, typical look is

1. T-shirt with either a funny logo or a luminous colour

2. Jeans- preferably skinny and dark-wash

3. Something from my extensive collection (*cough* two pairs *cough*) of Converse All Stars- usually the silver ones.

4. Red hair in a messy bun or a (quite literally) ‘just got out of bed’ look

5. Black eyeliner on lower eye with a light coat of mascara and peachy lip gloss. Simple.

I have no idea why I’m telling you this I just am, I’m quite lucky that my mother understands a teenage needs to look good all the time, she let’s me wear make up and she freaking let me DYE MY OWN HAIR RED-but she does pull me back down to earth when required. She doesn’t mind me wearing make up,but within reason, foundation tide-lines that stop at the Jaw line and a blotchy liquid eyeliner job are just…no.
And I’m not the kind of person that goes for short, tight, skirts, false tan, eyelashes and nails, crop tops and bleached hair. In a way I’m the opposite but I’m like….frumpy, I’m not the complete Susan Boyle.
But going overboard on the makeup isn’t attractive at all. In fact, I hate it when boys spend ages gelling their hair (seriously lawds, what’s the appeal about putting GUNK in your hair?).
I don’t wear a lot of make up, I try my best to minimise my usage.

I’ve just realised I just made a blog about make up and clothes. I’d better go before I start plugging Barbie Dolls and fairies and unicorns and Miley Cyrus.

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2 thoughts on “Make up? MAKE UP??!!

  1. Okay at risk of sounding creepy, you sound awesome. I too wear basically only jean/sport shorts and t-shirts. I love my converses and I would totally kill to have my hair red. Is it possible that your exactly what I want to dress like? Okay now that my creepyness has past, I’ll take this time to admit something to the interent…. *sigh* I’ve only worn makeup once…. *pause for gasps from the crowd* Basically I hate makeup, because I honestly think it makes most people look like shit, and I’m not an exception to that. I’m literally the only one of my friends that doesn’t wear it to school, and I’m okay with that. I guess makeup just isn’t my cup of tea.

    • misseejit says:

      Okay, trying to control my laughter at that comment.
      Thanks, I’ve never been called awesome before and in no way has anyone expressed any wish to dress like me so that’s a first- thanks for that 🙂
      I don’t wear alot of make up or at least I try not to- my mother is a make up artist, so at least I know I wont be allowed out of the house looking like something off Jersey Shore or The Only Way is Essex.
      Its good that you’ve battled off the pressure to look like a walking cake- I don’t think all girls that wear make up look like shit, although it depends on your opinion of yourself. I try not to look like shit, and I seem to be succeeding at that.

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