Random outbursts of music, and dramatic words on pages

Little bit random, I just literally belted out the chorus of Kings and Queens (complete with the ‘Aaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaa-aaaaaaa’s and everything) when my mother walked in like it was just so normal and set washing on the bed.
I always burst into spontaneous song. Like today I sang my Glee inspired version of You Can’t Stop the Beat all through LLW (LLW is our version of like, talking about feelings and being friends and rainbows and ponies and pixie dust and all that developmental crap).
I also belted out the chorus to Mumford & Sons Little Lion Man really randomly in RE and my mate Shorty (you guys know Shorty right? More on him later, he’s becoming a ladies man- best part is he doesn’t even know it)
Anyway, Shorts acknowledged the fact that I was singing a song by The best band in the whole entirety of the whole wide world ever and I got serious kudos/brownie points whatever the Frig you want to call it from the males in my class- never a bad thing.

“YOU LIKE MUMFORD AND SONS TOO? Seriously? You do? Cool…that’s Cool…”

Yeah boys, I’m female, and I have a frigging amazing taste in music-
Get in line!

I got told off in school for talking… AGAIN!
It was only a sub, so I sat laughing and answering back like the cheeky wee arse I’m not. But then I totally aced a question she asked and she seemed pissed off when she had to congratulate me on my undebatable argument about the topic we were discussing. This is me all over, the “Told YE so!” side. Another hilarious example of this was last Wednesday;

Our school has a “library period” in which they expect 24 thirteen year olds to sit in silence staring at a page of some the fine *cough cough* literature that is provided by the school. My music teacher (yay the one that doesn’t like me) supervises. I forgot my book and whoop-dee-doo the week I decide to be honest is the week shes handing out essays to write – my subject was “how I value my library time”
I thought to myself “right bitch, if you got yourself into this, your gonna get yourself out with one hell of a bang”

So I sat, I thought, writing essays were never difficult for me, I’m one of those people in the world that fly through English firing out essays everywhere- I just find it easy- writing is something I love, it’s half the reason I do this blog- so I actually can fire out pieces that wouldn’t be accepted at school and people actually want to read them.

I wrote a lot of crap about how books capture one’s imagination, let me give you a snippet!
“books allow us to get lost through every word and line and forget about the reality we live in, and let our imagination run away with what might lurk beyond the next page we turn,”
It’s all lies by the way, it was a load of dramatic garbage I scrawled a page. And my teacher said she enjoyed every word. Mission accomplished.

I’m afraid I have run out if stuff to say at this moment in time- ooh shocker I know, but I’m busy, I’ve got like…homework and texting and facebooking and stuff to do. (like how I list my priorities?)
Anyway, peace out and see you on the flip side and all that crap.

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