Wednesday Recap for y’all

Easily said, today wasn’t as awesome as I anticipated, I was subject to humiliation on several occasions by the crowd of human beings I refer to as ‘friends’.

Has anyone heard of or listened to this really amazing band called Mumford & Sons? I’m actually in love with their album Sigh No More. The songs, Awake my soul, The Cave and of course the Best song EVER- Little Lion Man having been playing and repeated on my iPod for so long I think it’s going to explode. It’s not usually the type of music i listen too, but recently I’ve gone from Taylor Swift (I know, I know- take the piss all you want) to a girl who likes The Script, Snow Patrol, 30 seconds to mars, Florence & the machine, Paramore and of course Mumford & Sons. It’s proper unashamedly-dance-around-your-room music in my opinion. ( < WTF did I say 'in my opinion'?- everything on this blog is in and based on my opinion and sad excuse of an existence).

I've come to the realisation that tomorrow is my last day being non-teenage. And what an *ahem* eventful twelve years it has been! Let's see- significant events….well I learnt to walk, talk, potty trained, learned to write and count and all that jazz, moved schools, have been subject to two younger siblings and a few cousins, moved house, made friends, lost friends, made enemies, the list is endless- that and the fact I can't be arsed listing anymore.

As you lot know, I dyed my hair,like, a month back, and it was the CRAPPIEST COLOUR EVER I'm serious! 28 washes? 28 WASHES???! 28 WASHES MY BACKSIDE L'OREAL! It Lasted like six! So I switched brands and colours and I got soo many compliments (from complete randoms) it's quite unreal.

okay lawds, I'm off, got a big schedule, I've got sleeping to do and stuff. It's 10:30 over here ye'know and I've spent my afternoon drawing a kettle- so yeah, I'm wrecked.

"the awkward moment an Ireland player thinks the Aussie scrum half is a rugby ball and carries him ten foot up the pitch" Best.Moment.In.Rugby.History. Ever!!

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Recap for y’all

  1. M&S was acctually the CD playing in my “buddies” car when that whole awkward dinner thing happened…. anyways it’s amazing that you’ve dyed your hair and your only twelve *ahem* thirteen now, sorry. And also I didn’t get a word of that last part, I’m such an American.

    • misseejit says:

      Yes I’m officially thirteen! It’s 03:46 over here rite now, and I’ve stayed up sooo late!

      I dyed my hair even redder, I’m turning so rebellious.

      The last part was referring to The Rugby World cup, and Ireland had a surprising defeated over Australia. Us Irish are such rugger-buggers.

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