Downton & regional accents & stuff

Downton Abbey returned to our British screens last night, so I had to make a mental recap about everything. Shout out to you Americans, you lot just can’t get ENOUGH of humble British period dramas, WHY IS THAT? Why are you obsessed with it all? Is it the accents? Yeah… I think we’ve concluded it’s the accents. (obviously not the american lady’s accent- she sounds like the swedish chef from the muppets) Why do people find English accents so attractive? Or as you lot call them, British accents, Britain is the collective name for England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland ( < my home turf, yeerrroooo!!), so saying that a "British Accent" applies to all of the UK, is like me thinking the typical Tennessee Cowboy accent applies to every American out there. (Btw, I had to look up in my geography textbook if Tennessee was actually in America, so much extra research is put into this blog it's unreal).

Personally I find certain regional English accents annoying, (Manchester accents drive me UP THE WALL!) but i love cockney london accents. (Olly Murs how I LOVE YOU!). That's the "we hate those arrogant english arseholes" irish side of me trying to push through- I'll have a wee word with her later.

Call me arrogant but I find my NORN IRON accent very attractive, and it's personally a pleasure waking up to it every morning. I mean, we pronounce 'tea', 'tay' , it's Pure Legend! We should have our own bloody dictionary for frigs sake! And The legendary band that is SNOW PATROL came from
Northern Ireland! Also we're widely renowned for HOW MUCH CRAIC WE ARE (both sober and completely smashed…but mostly completely smashed)
My god, The Northern Ireland Tourist Board will be wanting me to write booklets and stuff next. I've sold the country like a cow at a farmer's Market.

Southern Irish accents are just…phwoar. I will honestly marry an Irishman just for the accent. And I'll make him say "turd"
I'll marry an Irish comedian, cuz the Irish have the best sense of humour in the world. John Bishop said so himself (another accent,the Liverpudlian- one I quite like).

Scottish accents are just brilliant. And very very very very hot. I don't know why, they just have the ooft factor. It's almost like every time I hear a scottish person speak my brain mentally gives what I'm hearing a seal of approval. That , Or part of me just likes Liam Dryden a little too much.

I think I've just rated and slated most countries in and around the UK, except the welsh- but I don't have a half decent sheep joke on me currently. Soz.

That's all from me folks,

– MissEejit

This blog was completely accidental LOL I was going to do a big Downton Abbey slagging match, but then I got into the accent thing and…it happened!

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One thought on “Downton & regional accents & stuff

  1. I have to say, I love British accents. A few annoy me but for the most part they’re my favorite to listen to. Everyone from America that I know feels the same, but a few years ago a student from east europe came to our school and said that she hated Bristish accents. Maybe its an American thing? I’m also the type of person who is horrible with knowing where each accent is from (Like two years ago I honestly thought there was only one type of “Bristish accent”) thankfully through watching people from different countries on YouTube, I have been able to “expand” my knowlage on locations of accents.
    I highly doubt that anyone out there think American accents are hot, they’re just so… blah normal (or maybe I think so because, you know, I’ve heard them all my life)

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