Step away from the phone dude- seriously!

Last year, I made it my mission to gather as many classmates (in my form class or ‘home room’- see? I’m so nice I put the American equivalent! Ho hum) phone numbers as possible as my phone had a feeble amount of contacts on comparison to others . Call it sad, call it greedy or attention seeking, but having EVERYONES phone number is kinda ‘the done thing’.

I made the mistake of texting one boy on a sunday evening because i was bored, who we’ll refer to as Jed, as his hair is like jedward only even more buzzin’ than usual.

This texting began back in May, and seriously, this dude texts me everyday- he has a fricken problem. Its always “Hey Wat u @t” because yeah, replacing the letter a with @ makes you so fricken cool and it’s so clever because @ means at and he texted at. Some sarcastic genius rage there from yours truly.

He’s always sending me those sick chain-joke messages too that are either offensive or genuinely not funny. It’s annoying me.
For example, me and my friend were having an extremely important text conversation based on recent events in school, so every time I got a text I was on edge about the contents of that message.
Suddenly, Jed decides to text at the exact same time as my friend, and naturally I assume it’s my friend, I quickly bash a reply on my qwerty keyboard.
(I don’t have a blackberry or an iPhone, it’s a nokia with a qwerty- ‘Nuff said)
Then I saw the conversation on my phone- the reply, which included extreme detail of our conversation was sending to Jed!
Luckily I cancelled the message in time. But if it had sent, it would have meant social suicide.

It’s bugging me- I have a fricken stalker! Aaaaaaah!
Jeez, it’s annoying.

Did I mention that it’s annoying me? No? Well it’s annoying me. Booya!

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2 thoughts on “Step away from the phone dude- seriously!

  1. This has happened to me too many times, I meet someone, they get my phone number, and they wont stop texting me. One girl started sending me dayly “send this messsage to your 5 closes friends” only two days after I met her!

    Speaking of sending a txt to the wrong person, I accidently did that once. A friend and I were talking about someone and I accidently typed the persons name that we were talking about into my send list instead of my friends. Sadly my phone doesnt let you cancel a message after you hit send….

    • misseejit says:

      You can’t cancel messages? RAGE!
      Sending messages to the wrong person is awful. It’s so embarrassing too- but then my life is 65% embarrassment so you’d think I’d be used to it.

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