The Ultimate Woman In The Eyes of a 13 Year Old Boy

Boy1: Have you seen Nicki Minaj’s ass?

Me: err.. Random subject! I have, but i didn’t exactly spend that much attention to that part of her anatomy. But yes, I have acknowledged that particular backside.

Boy1: but doesn’t it look so FAKE and PLASTIC?!

Me: em, I suppose

Boy1: *points to boy2* Ha I told you! It IS fake!

Boy2: okay! But it’s nothing compared to Beyoncè!

Boy1: Beyoncè! (eyes widen in an awe-struck and slightly disturbing way) She’s my ultimate woman! She’s just like
*makes hourglass shape with hands*

Me: your hardly thirteen, and your talking about how you favour curvy women?

Boy1: yeah! I don’t like girls who are super skinny and are just like, straight. They need…they need to be…..

Me:…… They need a waist? They need to be an hourglass shape or a pear shape?

Boy2: what’s the difference?

Girl2: a pear is bigger on the bottom half

Me: in other words a pear has a rounder arse

Boy1: then my perfect womanly shape is a pear with an upside down pear on top of that!

Everyone involved: LOL

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