Seven Things That made Me Laugh in the Past Month

Okay okay I couldn’t wait! I was on a ROLL! So here it is,

Seven Things That Made me Laugh in the Past Month

1. They put subtitles on the tv for when Damian Mcginty spoke on Glee Project- you’d expect me to understand him as we come from the same country- but he’s a Londonderry/Derry city lad, a whole different species of regional accent altogether.

2. The new Compare The Market adverts, I just love those meerkats, such frigging genius

3. Attempting to say ‘sausages’ with my Tongue on the roof of my mouth…. Ok who tried?

4. That moment when I’m laughing hysterically, snort , then end up laughing even harder cuz I snorted

5. When I made a really awkward situation even more awkward by saying “awwk-ward!”

6. The Facebook page “Nobody’s perfect, but being Irish is close enough,”

7. Kelly Rowland on X factor, enough said.

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