Telly, comedy and inside my brain

I’ve got the inkling to make a blog but I have no idea what to say.

Nothing particularly exciting happened today, I managed not to embarrass myself again.
There is something I’d like to bring up but I’m feeling its too personal to me and would upset too many people.
I’ve realised it’s more blogs about things that actually go on in my life are more my ‘forte’. I suppose it’s because anecdotes let you, the reader, see what’s actually going on inside my head- which you should actually be pretty proud of yourself if you understand my brain, as I am really…strange.

Am I the only person who really thinks Big Brother is genius television? Putting Jedward ( jedward- the idiot twins that represented Ireland in Eurovision, I recommend you google them) in there was the worst decision ever as it’s became all about them, and I’m telling you now, they will win. They make me ashamed to call myself Irish.

On the subject of being Irish, isn’t Dara O’briain the best thing to come out this place since Guinness? That guy never fails to make me laugh , it’s the Irish humour- cause us leprechauns are legends, so we are. If you haven’t heard of him you should deffo check him out on YouTube (look for his joke about disciplining children, I never laughed so hard).
No offence to anyone, but he does tend to appeal to Uk and Irish audiences more than any other. I may be wrong, but just from experience.

Dara O’briain brings me on to Mock the Week- *The* best show on television.
It’s pure genius, and it’s safe to say everyones favourite game is Scenes We’d Like To See.
The following are my favourite lines

“I personally think elephants are too protected- well I say that from my ivory tower….”

” the following episode of Songs of Praise contains strong language and scenes of a sexual nature”

” if you’ve been affected by the issues raised on Balamory…”

“Nemo! Where the f*ck were you?”

“and William of Orange leads the way…followed by Vodafone and O2”

“talk about benefits fraud….I went to Glee Live and the one in the wheelchair got up and started to dance!”

There’s plenty more and I could go on forever. It’s bloody good television.

I’m loving John Bishop at the moment too.
The things he says about Liverpool makes me crack up, for example, that every family must have a van by law- genius and that teenage boys sound like Scooby doo when their voices break.

So there you go, hope that keeps you happy- cheerio!

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One thought on “Telly, comedy and inside my brain

  1. Thanks for the tips, I’ll have to check those people out the next time im on youtube!

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