6th September- arsecrack day of the year

Helloooo peeps

I woke up feeling good, I knew I had my favourite teacher for a double period today and it would be the first time I’d step in that classroom since June. I was unfazed by the fact I had PE before hand, ( I would just like to make it clear at this point that I’m horrendously unfit- thus I sweat like a pig during the despicable excuse that is “physical education”)
I was happy during PE, we played netball! thank god for that, my school has shit sport for girls, it’s hockey in the winter and laps around the track in summer, but now their introducing netball as a choice instead of hockey, and I’m very proud to say I enforced that movement by marching into the gym last year moaning about how I can’t hold a hockey stick and with one in my hand I’m a danger to myself and those around me.
I scored three baskets for my team, and I don’t think it was because the goalkeeper was the ‘trouble maker friend’ that I mentioned in ‘Things change, People turn nasty’ (we’ll refer to her as Girl X from on shall we?)
I wouldn’t have a competitive streak, oh no….. But needless to say my height came in handy when scoring . Goal shooter is MY speciality!
Girl X was completely unfazed by me, well I did get a very sarcastic ‘well done Hannah!’ (< yep Hannah is my name genius) at the end of the game- with a few dirty looks thrown in. Yehaw.

The day rolled on and along came lunch, in which comes the most embarrassing moment of my life.
There was a situation, the girls on my year were trying to get my friend to talk to the guy shes been crushing on, and the boys from the year above ours (I don't understand why they were involved) were trying to get that particular lad to talk to my friend also. In the heart of boys from the year above, was The Lord.
The Lord (derived from gaylord) is a four foot tall fourteen year old boy who swaggers about like everything he touches turns to gold. He's bugged the living shit out of me ever since he ripped my foam finger at a Belfast Giants game. He has a selective group of friends, and once he's got an opinion of you, its impossible to change.
I happened to shout something, a suggestion to the crowd that might get these two young love birds talking, but what I said, was misinterpreted into something sexually inappropriate.
I pretended to laugh, but let's say the embarrassment got to the level that I have booked a face transplant, have changed my name to Margery and am moving to Bulgaria in the dead of tonight.

Without this embarrassment, the day got worse. I found that Id left my science homework at home which in turn got me ripped at by my teacher.
Shitty day if you ask me.

On another note, Theres a girl in my class that fires out questions to teachers like bullets.
For example

teacher: so your homework's questions 1, 2 and three in your books.

Girl: so we do question three?

Teach: yes and one and two

Girl: in our classwork books?

Voice in my head : well naw, on your hand!
Honest to god If she had bloody well listened in the first place she would have known.
And some things are just so obvious it's a crime to ask. But that evil little person in my head feels like recking her perfect ponytail, opening her top shirt button, loosening her tie, rolling her skirt up a few inches and screaming "BE NORMAL AND LIVE A LITTLE!!!"

I seem to be the only one in my science class that understands the principle of conservation energy. Am I just being my nerdy self? Or is everyone else too busy reading the explicit graffiti on the desks?

Hope you liked my little rant about the second-crappest day of my life so far.

See you on the other side dudes, my younger sis has got Bieber on full blast in the next room, I'm getting my mallet.

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2 thoughts on “6th September- arsecrack day of the year

  1. I’m pretty sure that this is my favorite post ever. Congrats on the netball goals (though I have no idea what netball is) Also its urrm nice to meet you hannah, even though Im not really meeting you and ive already talked to you before. Okay I’m just being incredibly akward so I should probally end this comment before it gets worse.

    • misseejit says:

      Thanks, netball is sort of like basketball only you can only hold the ball for three seconds and you can’t move around with the ball in your hands. It’s pretty awesome, Beats getting hard hockey balls aimed at my hips anyway.
      Nice to meet you, Hayley, (I gather from your blogs your names Hayley?)
      Ok, I have to say, your comments are half as funny as your blogs.

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