I’m begging, please

Ok, so if your reading this, I need your help.

The amount of people viewing my blog has gone up considerably in the past few weeks, and well, I’m lacking feedback.

Honest to god, this blog survives on comments, please please comment if you read it, be brutally honest I NEED to know.

For example, do you prefer me ranting about stuff and giving my opinions, or do you like stuff related and about my life – actual occurrences in my mundane existence.

I’m begging for feedback, and suggestions. Please, it would make me so happy. Even if your telling me how shite I am.

Suggestions welcome, I love hearing about what you think or any of your experiences concerning or related to the blog.

So please just comment, on any blog.

Please? Pretty please?

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2 thoughts on “I’m begging, please

  1. I honestly don’t care. I’m a fan of anything you do! (That sounded REALLY creepy)

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