Birthday predicament

Yeah- as the title says, I kinda have a dilemma.
Im feeling like My mum is pressuring me to do something for my birthday, and I said I didn’t really want to do anything just to avoid fuss as I had a pretty rough year, and invites would certainly cause arguments.

This of course, is a lie, I’d love to get like, my entire class (give or take two or three) round my house for something really immature like fancy dress or a bouncy castle!
My problem is that I have to please everyone, I’ve noticed that this need to be little miss friendly with everyone is more a downfall and actually causes me to appear two-faced.
So after I told my mum that Id just throw an open invite to the movies or something, she suggested that I chose five friends max. To get dinner at a restaurant beforehand – her treat.
At first I fretted, if I invite this person, I’ll have to invite that person or if I don’t invite so-and-so, whats-her-face won’t come.
But I realised, half these people I’m worrying about don’t give a crap about me. It’s my birthday and after the year I’ve had, I’m gonna have a good time and not sacrifice fun for the sake of being “nice”.
So I’ve made my decision, I’ve picked five friends, and I’ll tell the appropriate people to come to the cinema that Saturday night, and if anyone questions my actions, I’ll tell them straight . I have a pretty good idea about who might crash the party or ask me why they didn’t hear about it- so I’m mentally preparing.

I’ve got myself in a good state of mind and I’m proud of myself.
I shouldn’t need to be friends with everyone, it’s not good for a person, so, I’m mentally rehearsing phrases along the lines of “…..because were not really friends anymore ….”
It’s time for me to be honest, not a beeyatch, just honest.

And I leave you with these Wise words,

“that’s what the world needs- more bastards”

Ah the wise wisdom of Alex Day!

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2 thoughts on “Birthday predicament

  1. It seems like every year I come across the same problem… Love the alex quote though!

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