Things change, people turn nasty

Well yesterday I started life as a second year in secondary school (or “year 9” if your my head-of-year, stupidest name ever, and yes, I said stupidest).
In second year, your split into classes based on how you performed the year before, (my schools claims that its about “an individual’s level of independent ability”, but we all know we’re ranked according to grading and marks). Luckily, I was placed in a good class ( i did a victory dance) and I’ve kept the teachers I want for specific subjects, and I’ve managed to avoid the teachers I didn’t want.
I actually couldn’t wish for better classmates if I tried, all the boys in my class are all lads I’m really friendly with (yes!!!) and the girls are brilliant too.
In the last year I’ve had a bit of tough time where friends are concerned. For the first few months I stuck with a few girls I knew and one of my original best friends from primary school (the other one decided this was her time to be lil miss ‘it’ girl but we won’t go into that).
After a while, one friend began to cause trouble with me specifically. For a while I was pretty miserable. Mutual friends in that group of friends saw what was happening, yet didn’t step up to defend me once, and if I was to hit back with an equally painful insult or slag, the tables would turn and I’d be the big bad bull. as I became more and more friendly with another (more popular, fun and outgoing) group of friends, who actually wanted me around, and after a huge fall out and betrayal of trust (let’s say some people showed their true colours), i moved locker, deleted numbers and Facebook friends (Oh drama!) and blocked out any gossip and bitching that was to or about me.
I did and said a few things I’m not particularly proud of, but I kinda had to say those things in order to actually gather up the courage to say “look, you made my life a misery the past year, you pushed me away, but then when i do hang about with someone else, you beg me to be friends again, so I’m done with you, I’m gone, you made me feel like shit, but I’ve found people who want me around, who understand me and listen and appreciate me, an if you can’t accept that, it’s your problem,” (actual words).
My new class has moved me (somewhat) away from (most of) that group I once called friends, but I’ve found new friends, who I actually think will be with me for life.
But them haters are always gonna hate, but the fact that I focused my frustration on my studies, paid off so feckin’ much I kind of wouldn’t change anything about 2010/2011, I mean it was pretty shit 75% of the time, but then I’m not a kind of person that likes to look to the past.

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2 thoughts on “Things change, people turn nasty

  1. I’m in the stage where I’m finding out who my true friends are. It’s good that you have been able to find a group of friends that are true to you (damnit that rhymed didnt it?)

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