I’ll be a psychotherapist- cuz I’m soooooo qualified

I’ve inherited a new role. One I didn’t exactly apply for. One I didn’t expect and one I’m most certainly not qualified for. It’s nothing official, but I have noticed the amount of people coming to me for advice.
I’m the last person to come to for advice. Absolutely one hundred percent. And half of the advice I’m asked for is about relationships. Honest to god this confuses me, I mean, I’ve never been in a relationship, And whenever I’ve got anywhere close to one, it goes pear shaped at the last moment.
Why are people asking me all this? I’m awful for giving advice! I always manage to miss a detail of a situation or something and give the wrong advice altogether.
I feel so unqualified. I’m flattered about people trusting me, but uncomfortable that their taking advice from me.
It’s just…. Strange. I could be telling them the wrong thing altogether.
I’m just saying, if your gonna ask me about stuff, make sure your confident enough to listen to the answer.

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