Bits and bobs WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE!

My mother is quite a clean freak.
She just can’t stand clutter. It drives her crazy, so in that sense I don’t take after my mum.
I personally don’t mind a bit of clutter, it adds a personal touch- well that and I can’t be bothered getting off my arse and picking it up. This evening, mum did her usually bedroom inspection while I sat on the bed texting.
“there’s still bits and bobs on the floor, you need to pick them up,” she’d said warningly.
“its only bits and bobs, ma, calm the bap woman!” I spluttered shaking my head.
” maybe to you, but bits and bobs build up and build up into a huge mess which I’ll end up tidying!” my mother then proceeded to give me the raised eyebrow ‘don’t argue with me on this matter’ look.
Yet my parents think I don’t think things through. If I constantly ignore my mothers rants about my untidiness, she will eventually end up tidying it up herself, and then gives me a big talk about how ‘this is the very last time’ and ‘i should take more responsibility’ blah blah blah.
Maybe I like my PERSONAL space to have my PERSONAL belongings splayed on the floor.
Maybe I like having yesterday’s clothes hanging on the chair.
Maybe, just maybe, I like having books piled high on….well…just about everything.

I suppose the point I’m trying to get at here is, i do things a certain way for a certain reason- an that is that it’s just me. And I was born this way baby!*

* soz for the cheesy gaga quote, and btw, did you see the VMAs? Seriously Gaga, what was up with the ‘acting like a man’ thing?? Well anythings better than a meat dress.

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