Why Males aren’t as complicated as we think

Any girl who is at least thirteen, or maybe even younger should have at least one boy as a one of their closest friends.
I can honestly say I prefer boys to girls, I’m not very Girly, I spend my life in skinny jeans and converse- and completely proud of it. With girls, I feel you constantly have to keep up standards, even with friends, you always feel pressure to keep being the funny one or the ditsy one, or the clumsy one
( in my case its the sarcastic ever so slightly neurotic, nerdy one) .
With male kind, conversation is 60% about banter 30% about sport and 10% about girls (and frankly, I love those odds)
The banter part is where I’m ‘at’.
I have quite a masculine sense of humour, sitting up late, watching stand up on tv with my dad, Mock the Week, Live at the Apollo, you name it, I’ve Sky+’d it.
Boys get it, they get the jokes, unlike females, they aren’t afraid to say stuff without being afraid of sounding stupid!
My girlfriends think I’m crazy, they can’t understand why all I see when I look at my boy-mates is a friend, they don’t see why I don’t flirt or see these alien species as some kind of puzzle.
But they’re not puzzles. I Don’t understand why all these girl magazines say stuff like “10 things to make him LOOOVE YOU!” or “Body language signs he’s soo into you” It kind of bugs me… I mean, their not fricken animals, their just people.
I mean, I get offended boys drooling over girls in ,ahem, certain magazines, so can’t imagine what’s it like when they realise their every move is being analysed, it’s pretty weird.
Also, less arguments with boys!
Girls have an awful habit of stretching the truth and making things more complicated by adding and subtracting to situations. Constant bitching, something I just can’t stand.
When it comes to disagreements, and the following is a quote from a boy-mate of mine, “girls make it into such a drama… Boys just shout at each other or punch and it’s over” ( LOL)

But be wary, some people, when they see a boy and a girl having a good time, assume their dating or their something other than friendship. This happens to me every single day of my school life, my closest boy is a laugh, and I like a laugh, yet people are always trying to get us to date.
(and frankly, i shudder at the thought). He’s like my brother!

So, Breaking News, Boys aren’t as complicated as their made out to be.
It’s all inside our heads ladies.
I’m not saying I’ve got them 100% sussed out, but I hope I’m half way there.

Any thoughts? I wanna hear them- you know what to do.

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2 thoughts on “Why Males aren’t as complicated as we think

  1. My best friends (who is also my cousin) is a guy. We don’t really act like family, together, more like two idiots that don’t care what people think about us. You’re right about the whole drama thing. We got into a fight a few days ago, he told me to get lost, I called him an asshole, and we ended up smoothing things over 3 minutes later over a game of Nazi Zombies. I can basically say whatever I want in front of him and he doesn’t take anything to offence and get’s basically all of my jokes. Even with my best girl friends I feel “on ice” sometimes if I don’t know if they’re mad at me or not, or if they’re going to go say something bad about me. With him we say whats on our mind and get over it. I’m not sure if its because we’re family and we have to see each other but I’ve never really been mad at him for more then 5 minutes. I agree on the last part though, you wouldn’t believe how many people have assumed that we’re dating. It’s even worse when they don’t believe us when we say we’re cousins and keep pressing. One of my aunts friends was so pushy that my unlce had to step in and set things straight.

    • misseejit says:

      My best guy friend is really great fun, and it’s really interesting to hear his opinions on girls. He even came to me for advice about girls, which was one hilarious conversation. Any arguments we’ve ever had haven’t lasted more than a day- he even once took the blame for something I did.
      I think it’s safe to say friends from the opposite gender our better.

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