Commeth the teenage, Commeth The eejit

I lied.

It’s nothing serious. Im not hiding a freaking murder or anything- my life isn’t that exciting. It’s mostly concerns you if you’ve been reading my blogs from the very beginning. I said that I was a teen, well that’s a lie.
I am in fact, on this day, 12 years and 11 months old.
Oh please please don’t judge me, I have in fact, ALMOST been served PROPER beer in a proper pub, on many occasions, and I was offered a PROPER Shot of liqueur ( which I politely declined, but to be honest I was tempted).
So for a while I’ve considered myself teenage, well ever since I started secondary school last September and being surrounded by teenagers and at the age I am, I’m 5 ft 6 and size 8 (uk sizes, about 41/42 Europe sizes) in my feet.
So, to Celebrate the arrival of trials and tribulations, spots and sebum, boys and bosoms, hips and hair ( < ho ho alliteration addiction, litterateur nerd!) I, have died my hair (semi-permanently, parental unit rules) Casting Creme Gloss shade Black Cherry!
And no no no I haven't copied Cheryl Cole (why why why would I copy her?!….and yeah of course Cheryl Cole dyes her hair with a £6 home colouring kit…and of course she's not saying that she does because she endorses L'Oreal or anything)

With dark brown hair like mine, bleach is out of the question so red is the way to go, and maybe some day I'll get 100% scarlet when I'm brave enough.
And when I leave school, my school is so strict I'd get my head and my hair, ripped off.
I'm undergoing a make over, I'm losing the specs, getting contacts and of course THE HAIR and something else, Ugly Betty style braces. I suppose in a way I am I'm trying to attract as much away from the train-trackers as possible. My friends are going crazy over my Facebook currently, as I just uploaded my new hair, most of them are saying what they think I want to hear; " Omigod I LOOOVE it is amazing ur sooooo bootiful xxxxxxxxxxxlove yaxxxxxxx" (one of the many things I hate about Facebook)
So I'm currently running my fingers through my reddish locks, it's actually really really soft and shiny. That conditioner is brilliant. My dad has failed to notice any difference in my appearance, but he's a man. Something I've learnt about the male kind is to expect nothing.
Well if you have any opinions on my real age, my coming-of-age hair or anything else, feel free. Criticism and complements welcome. Honestly, critic all you want, from my over-use of brackets to the amount of time I open a sentence with 'well…'

Well (dammit!) until another time.
And remember, drink alcohol if your of age, and dye your hair red for your birthday.

Um, bye.

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4 thoughts on “Commeth the teenage, Commeth The eejit

  1. hi i think that it was really good of you to tell the truth and i have also died my hair an interesting shade of red but you can only see it in the sunlight and its not permanet because im experimenting with different shades . good luck with the blog

  2. I soooo want to dye my hair red, thankfully my mom said I could (semi perminent) next summer. Frankly even though your 3 years younger, the way you type makes you sound way older then me (maybe its because I’m spelling retarded and my grammar teacher would have a heart attack if he saw anything I’ve written).

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