Charlie’s Hair

Today, I casually checked YouTube to see what was going on in the world.
I really shouldn’t be on YouTube, and I’ll explain why;

London riots took up half the feature home screen surprise surprise. So I went to my subscriptions, ya know, not really expecting much. ( < that's a lie)

Then my heart did a little jump!
You see for the past two months or so I've been battling a slight YouTube addiction- Okay okay that's another lie it's a coollike addiction.
If you, person Reading this, have not got the faintest idea of which I'm talking about, Charlie Mcdonnell aka Charlieissocoollike, the most subscribed-to YouTuber in the United Kingdom, is currently at the top of my 'People to meet before I croak' list.
And maybe, just maybe, I have the slightest little crush on him.
Ever So Slightly…

Well anyway the video,
This guy must have *THE* most talked about hair on the Internet (Justin bieber doesn't count!) and in this video he explains the many things one can do with long hair, because his, after being a non-haircut zone for eight months, is ridiculously long.
It made me laugh endlessly, every single second of that vid was absolutely perfect as always.

Then came the surprise at the end,
Oh my Gawd
I've never been so happy or shocked or shocked with happiness Ever in my entire life.

Well, I wont spoil the surprise, I'll let you check it out for yourself. I'll (somehow figure out how to) put links up to the video.

I'd also recommend you check out his other videos and you'll soon see why he's as successful as he is.

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2 thoughts on “Charlie’s Hair

  1. I’ve been “battling” (I’m not putting up much of a fight) a youtube addiction for the better part of the past two years. I love charlie but personally I like Alex more 🙂 I can’t wait to (hopefully) see them at VidCon next year!

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