What I did on a plane


For those of you who are interested in my life, I was travelling recently and I was SOOOO BORED that I kept a mini-diary throughout the flight
And the following is that diary

I’ve listed the time is was when I wrote it, how I Was felling and what song was blasting through my earphones at the time- it’s not that exciting so feel free to skip this blog entry.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Hello lads and lasses

It’s currently 18:12 GMT
I’m currently on a plane, for those of you who are interested! Woop woop! Budget airlines!
It’s a four and a Half hour journey and this is the third blog-draft I’ve composed so far (in the notes app on my trusted handheld media player made by a well known fruit-named company, wink wink)

I’m currently looking out of my small round plastic aircraft window, my view slightly obscured by the engine and I’m seeing loads of mountains with wind turbines on them… And clouds.
It’s really weird when your on a plane and you see all those clouds and they look so fluffy don’t they? It’s like you could jump out of the plane and have a safe bouncy, candy-floss landing!
I’m also trying to figure out what country where over ATM*… My dads too busy reading his book and my siblings and mother are in the row in front watching a movie on the laptop..
I spent the first fifteen minutes of this flight making a playlist to listen to, I’m nearly finished it already so I’m off to add more songs

I have awful taste in music I have to say.

Two hours gone, two and a half to go

* means ‘at the moment’ if you didn’t know. I was not referring to a cash machine.

19:03 GMT

Mood- curious

Song: Charlie Mcdonnell- Chemical Love

Looking At the window again, all I can see is a big blob of blue I’m guessing it’s the sea, no idea which ocean it is. I think I see that were approaching land, that or it’s a really funny shaped cloud.


19:16 GMT

Song: Charlie Mcdonnell’s- Song About Acne
(I love the scatting, never fails to give me a heart attack)

Mood: calm, and some-what amused

Aeroplane toilets have weird flushes don’t they? They make weird sucking vacuum-esque noises.
Were not approaching land- turns out it’s a funny shaped cloud.

19:26 GMT

Song: Beyoncè, best thing I never had

Mood- sleepy

Kind of wishing the lads behind me would shut up.
Also wishing my sister would stop adjusting her seat and let me drink my sprite zero without it going everywhere.
Give ma’ head peace!

I’m at the stage in the journey where I’m on the edge of the metaphorical cliff of boredom.
I’m also mentally drained, I can feel my brain turning to mush.
I want to go to MY bed in MY house, curl up in a ball and hibernate.


Song: ADELE- Someone like you

Mood: Annoyed

Was looking out the window again and my sister adjusted her seat right back and it hit my head!

Song: Taylor swift- enchanted
Lips absurdly dry, had to break in one of the free lip glosses from one of the magazine I brought on board. I bought too many magazines, I’ve read them all now, multiple times.
I read too much female adolescent literature full stop.
There we go, a challenge for myself- read less crap.

Song: listening to captain’s announcement….and….
Mood: relieved
Landing in twenty mins! Yes!


Well, now you know what an awful mess my iPod is.
And my random taste in music.
And that I wrote a sentence about aeroplane toilets….
Well it’s all genuinely the first thing that popped into my head.


Why am I so strange?

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