Misseejit?? What?

Yo invisible audience

So I guess your wondering What on earth my username means.

Well you probably haven’t been wondering but in my imagination you are…please let me have my moment…

It’s pronounced Miss Eejit
Like ‘Eejit’ is my surname or whatever.
Gawd, it’s like a teachers name! Now I’ve put that thought it your head… not what I wanted.

Now your wondering why or what or who on earth ‘eejit’ is (DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK?), to put it simply I live in Northern Ireland and eejit is Irish slag for idiot.
Now I know what your thinking, (or at least I’d like to think I do) I am quite literally calling my fine self an idiot-
I’m not really, I get called a mad eejit a lot it’s kind of a complementary nickname
I needed to put some local slang In my name, it’s like an identity ( I sound so deep even I’m scared)

I’ve been called worse, geez miles worse. But haven’t we all? 😉

So if you do notice some gibberish or whatever, it’s just slang that I use in my vocabulary daily.

Well that’s all for now folk

Bye…or *whatever

*I use ‘whatever’ a lot don’t I! never mind the slang!

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